Wizard of Oz

Follow The Yellow Brick Road

Wiz Book CoverIn 1900, L. Frank Baum published The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, a children’s book he wasn’t convinced would do particularly well – not compared to his fabulous Mother Goose and Father Goose collections a few years prior. Turns out it was a hit, and spawned multiple stage versions – usually musicals – and thirteen written sequels by Baum.

It was also turned into one very odd black and white silent film in 1925, directed by and starring a man with the very unfortunate name “Larry Semon.” Egads.

Liberty, Part Two - On Your Mark, Get Set...

Freedom SunriseLiberty is a tricky concept. On the surface it seems so simple – you are either free, or you are not. You have options and opportunity, or you do not. In practice, however, ‘liberty’ is one of the most disputed topics in history and politics, even today – not because anyone opposes the term, but because we don’t agree as to what it means.