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Flexible GuyThe Offer

Several years ago, I was asked by a major edu-organization for whom I did some work to lead a week-long training in Jordan. Like, the country. In the Middle East. Far away. 

The workshop was for no less than the King’s Academy – a prestigious boarding school founded and regularly visited by, you know... the KING. Like, of Jordan. The country. In the Middle East. Far Away. 

Dear Involved Parents: Chill the $%&# Out!

Involved ParentsDear Engaged, Sincere, Loving, Active Parent(s):

I just finished my twentieth year in the classroom. In that time, I’ve had a decent variety of kids from a wide range of circumstances. Every one of them has his or her own issues, own strengths, own styles, and own reasons for doing what they do however they do it. 

Hetalia: Axis Powers (Toast With A Big Boot!)

Hetalia2It wasn’t a question of whether I liked it or didn’t so much as my having no idea what the crap monkey flight pink was going on. It was fast, and loud, and grating, and musical, and soft, and allegorical, and funny, and satirical, and juvenile, and multi-layered, and – and then suddenly the first episode was over. I should watch a few more. FOR THE CHILDREN.

Why Kids Learn (a.k.a 'The Seven Reasons Every Teacher Must Know WHY Kids Learn!')

To Save Time

I’ve been in the classroom for 16 years and doing this blog for about 18 months. I don’t have a Master’s Degree in anything, nor am I pursuing one. I don’t like most edu-books and haven’t done independent research on how or why kids learn or don’t. I consider myself thus supremely qualified to write on this topic.

There will be no footnotes. 

Learning R.E.M.

Fables of the ReconstructionR.E.M. was writing about strangely familiar experiences in enigmatic ways and with more complex emotions than I was prepared to understand. They used their words and their instruments very differently from either ‘classic rock’ OR the Osmonds, and it wasn’t easy to get my brain around. Partly I simply lacked the exposure and intellect to be easily reached by their art; mostly I lacked the motivation - until other considerations nudged me through.

Wil Wheaton, Aquaman, and Octave Chanute

BosleyThey are easily dismissed as B-players, also-rans – the proverbial ‘red shirts’ who inevitably beam down with Kirk and Spock but never live long enough to beam back up. They are the Mindys to other people’s Morks. They are the squiggle dash next to the ‘1’ on your keyboard – always there, always assumed, but not… you know… NOT THE ‘1’ OR THE ‘E’.

And I celebrate them. Vigorously.