Can You Teach Us?

Darth TeacherPublic education has been overlooking – or worse, neglecting – a golden opportunity to improve. It’s not only been right in front of us all along, it’s been kicking us and taking our lunch money! And yet, somehow, where we should have recognized an opportunity, all we’ve seen is a competitor. In some cases, maybe even a threat.  

Liar, Liar, Twitterpants on Fire (A Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing, Part Three)

Confederate FlagAnd then the South began writing the history of the war and the events which led to it. The war they’d lost. The one fought over a variety of issues, but in which slavery and its continuation were central and essential as defined by the South in the very documents they issued to justify their cause. Only suddenly the war hadn’t been about slavery at all. In fact, the South was collectively rather wounded at the suggestion! Slavery?! You think – you think this was about SLAVERY?

Imagine what'd they'd have rewritten if they'd WON?

To Get Better Republicans (You Might Have To Vote For Some Democrats)

Dems vs Reps StatesI haven’t done a very good job being diplomatic this election season. I’ve been too annoyed, too frustrated, and at times a bit too idealistic. It feels like we have the best chance in a generation to make a real difference in state elections this November, and…

We won’t. I’m pretty sure we won’t. 

I Read The News Today, Oh Boy... (6/5/16)

The 2016 Legislative Session is over, more or less - although we'll be suffering from the fallout for at least another year. If you're aware enough of what's going on statewide to be annoyed, but haven't had the time or inclination to read up on every issue, here's the Blue Cereal Guide to the Latest Oklahoma Clusterfoolery - State Budget Edition. You're welcome.

Open Letter to Legislators: Should You Legislate the Bible?

Church & State StreetsShould you legislate the Bible? I ask because it seems every time we read about something controversial being pushed through the legislature, the story is accompanied by a quote from the bill’s sponsor blaming God.

We’ve been told that Jesus is against handgun registration, that the Bible frowns on people of different genders using neighboring bathroom stalls, and that while God doesn’t want young ladies to know where babies COME from, He DOES insist they know how magical and special the little critters are up until they’re born, at which point He loses complete interest in them. Jesus never did like children, as I recall.

I Read The News Today, Oh Boy... (5/15/16)

Try Not To Cry

Sometimes your mind and your emotions reach a point that they click 'off' as a sort of survival mechanism. That's what happened to me this week as I sat at Mom's Family Diner (41st & Mingo. Oh My-Baby-Elvis-in-a-Manger IS IT GLORIOUS!) catching up on the week's news.

Clearly I should have been drinking something stronger than coffee. Then again, it was 6:30 in the morning.