The People Have Spoken, #OklaEd

Well, that didn’t go well. 

Boxer Glue Factory

I’m not even going to talk about the national elections, other than to note we sent back to the U.S. Congress – by wide margins – the exact sorts of people I’m regularly criticized for assuming the majority of Oklahomans support. So… I’ll let you work that out. 

But the state elections. I just…

I really thought they’d go better. 

To Get Better Republicans (You Might Have To Vote For Some Democrats)

Dems vs Reps StatesI haven’t done a very good job being diplomatic this election season. I’ve been too annoyed, too frustrated, and at times a bit too idealistic. It feels like we have the best chance in a generation to make a real difference in state elections this November, and…

We won’t. I’m pretty sure we won’t. 

A Calling Or A Paycheck... Why Not Both? (Guest Blogger: Travis Sloat)

I’ve issued an open call for guest bloggers for the month of October. Partly this is just to break things up, and partly it's because I'll be doing my best to finish strong on #OKElections16.

There are few if any limits on topic or length – I merely ask for basic decency and sincerity. It’s ideal if you disagree with me about something, but given how difficult that is to do once basking in Blue, it’s not a requirement. I'm looking for other voices - whatever the angle or passion in play. 

How Power Confronts Dissent

Note: I’m writing this post in response to circumstances of which I’m a part, but it’s not really about me. I’m living the dream and daily thankful for the support of the #11FF and beyond. 

I confess that I’m developing a certain defensiveness, however, on behalf of others who have done far more good than myself and pay a greater ongoing price for daring to question power. If, after reading this, you wish to express dissent, please direct it to me. If you’re interested in offering support, please offer it to them.