New Teachers

Teacher Mentoring (I Have A Crazy Idea...)

I’m not magical or a genius or better than every other educator out there. (I mean, I’m better than a lot of them… but that’s really not the point.) What I am is available and willing, with a decent track record and a belief in most teachers’ potential vs. the realities beating them down week after week. It’s something I’d like to spend more time and energy on, in fact.

So here’s what I’m offering - for those of you still kinda interested, or at least still reading.

The Blue Cereal Podcast For New (Or Reviving) Teachers

Recording TechWell, my #11FF, I decided to record a few podcasts for new (or reviving) educators. This seems like a wonderful idea because I lack the proper equipment, there are dozens of excellent education podcasts out there already, I have nothing to sell, and this year is so weird it's hard to know how to prepare for it anyway.

In other words, why not?

Sometimes Fences Set Us Free

Rather Large FenceMonday, I began to share the good news with my kids. “You’re going to be doing a project over Chapter Twelve. You’ll have today to read through the chapter, figure out what sorts of things are important or which parts you find interesting, then you’ll have the next few days to decide how you’re going to show me that you understand the content. It will be due sometime next week once we see how it goes. Any questions?”

There was silence for what seemed like an oppressively long moment. I knew they’d be excited at this new freedom, but I hadn’t figured on such extended awe or their apparent reverence at my technique and benevolence. Finally, Colby raised his hand.

Three Things They Didn't Tell You In Teacher School (Guest Blogger - Alyssa)

Animated AlyssaAlyssa had just finished her first year in the classroom when I met her at a workshop I was leading last summer. I'll spare her my extended lauding of her content knowledge, her intimidating grasp of pedagogy in its dozens of variations, and her - my god - her ENERGY level.

I asked if she'd share some thoughts for newbies, and she was kind enough to comply. Turns out in addition to everything else, she's pretty wise for such a young'un.