Land Runs

The Blacks in Oklahoma, Part I

Black Homesteader

I’ve been on a bit of a primary-sources-related-to-Oklahoma spree lately. Haven’t we all, at one time or another?

Many of them are interesting, most are informative, and a few contain information which is simply incorrect, however passionately delivered. There are a handful, though, which are simply a joy to read - repeatedly!

Boomers & Sooners, Part Four ~ Dirty Stinkin' No Good Sons Of...

Land RunIt was announced that these lands would be opened up through a ‘Land Run’ – an approach which certainly reduced paperwork and eliminated the traditional 5-year waiting period before taking title to a section of this last remnant of American frontier, now being referred to more and more often as "Oklahoma." It was a weird system even for the times – times far more interesting than usually credited.