Blue Serials (2/22/20): Teacher Quality Edition

Wax On Wax OffWe’re going to keep things simple this week, my Eleven Faithful Followers (#11FF). As much as I enjoy our time together and the hours you no doubt spend giggling over every clever phrase and admiring my poignant insights, I’m hoping you’ll take the time to actually go read and follow at least a few of this week’s featured players.

Blue Serials (2/15/20)

Meghan's Lunch BoxThis week’s Blue Serials largely features blogs and other online sources which have absolutely no need of a signal boost from me. Still, if they’re going to be so narcissistic as to create great content that’s not shared here FIRST, I should at least have the right to abscond it and use it for my own glorification. 

Plus, these are all, like… really good pieces. So there’s that.

Blue Serials (2/8/17)

BooberryI haven't been doing the weekly wrap-ups recently. I'm never quite sure whether anyone reads them, despite the consistently high quality of the goodies within!

But there's simply been TOO MUCH quality edu-bloggery lately not to compile it and celebrate a bit. If you've been busy, or distracted by national shenanigans, or tuned out after the elections, this might be a good time to tune back in for a bit.