Let's Talk About Urinals

Harry Potter Toilet PaperWal-Mart started this thing where they didn’t turn on the lights or keep their stores tolerably warm or cool. Presumably this saved tens of thousands of dollars per location, but that wasn’t the stated motivation for the change. Rather, they were doing it for… ‘the environment’.

Needless to say, this approach was tempting for any number of organizations, including the public education institution in which I daily shared wisdom and inspired greatness at that time. We arrived one day to discover that the urinals in the faculty restrooms had been altered. They'd taken the handles off of our urinals.

I Agree With Jay - Whiny, Lazy, Teachers

Cronley HeadingA few days ago, Jay Cronley of the Tulsa World wrote an editorial which sent legendary #oklaed blogger Rob Miller a bit over that edge from which he otherwise enjoys the view. In it, Cronley suggests that schools receiving poor marks on the state's vague, insulting, widely discredited A-F report card stop their whining and simply do what schools getting high grades do.

I'm all for that. It's embarrassingly obvious, in retrospect - if you want a better football team, publicly degrade the coach, sure. But just as critically, only accept good players on your team. That's how the so-called "real world" works, yes?

What's Next, #EdReform?

Wile E. CoyoteIf there are crappy educators hiding all ‘round us, who need to be identified and repaired or removed, as part of an overall plan to improve public education, what do we do when we’ve removed the bad ones?

If you said “replace them with good ones,” you lose. Even under the current system of supposedly no standards or accountability, we’re unable to fill something like a billion teaching positions in Oklahoma alone. We're running rather short on teacher-types. Any teacher types. Any at all.

Dolph & Lana Break The Rules

Picasso CoupleThey’re not standardized. They’re not career-oriented. They're not perpetually preparing for whatever's coming NEXT. While they have a quirky diversity of interests and tastes, they rarely put in time or effort mastering subjects they couldn't possibly care about. Their work ethic is unimpeachable, but both have passed up fiscal progress in order to live where they’re happy TODAY, and do that about which they’re passionate NOW.

In short, they’re doing everything completely wrong.

United First School District of Change & Continuity

LookingHow can organizations - like, say... churches or schools - built on specific beliefs and value systems, with long traditions regarding how things are done, survive (or maybe even grow) as the culture around them loses interest and moves on? How do we adapt to new freedoms, more tantalizing distractions, a new sort of clientele, and a changing set of socio-political realities, without forsaking our core values and beliefs?