Oklahoma History

Blue WhaleYeah, yeah - laugh if you like, but there are a LOT of folks teaching this in one particular state (which shall remain nameless) and there are relatively few good resources. So raspberries to the rest of you.

Besides, they have their own song. How many of YOU can say THAT?

Well, besides New York. Maybe Texas, kinda - if you count that one about the stars at night being big and bright. Oh, and Georgia. 

Shut up. I taught Oklahoma History for many years. I liked it sometimes. 

Various Powerpoints and Handouts are organized below. You might also check out:

Well, OK Then... - This may eventually become a single volume - my take on Oklahoma History, start to finish. For now, it's bits and Pieces of Oklahoma History, formatted for whatever you might want to do with them. 

Document Activities - Maybe the coolest things I've ever created for class. Two of them are for Oklahoma History - one about oil boomtowns and the other about serveral types of races.

NOTE: Posted Powerpoints will show up as a page of garble if you merely click on them. You'll need to RIGHT CLICK and choose SAVE LINK AS in order to download it to your computer.


Dallas - oh great Dallas. I so want that Oklahoma OIl Murder Mystery thing we did this summer. Where is that stuff?


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