"Have To" History

Wilderness ManI’m a fan of history. Some of it’s beyond fascinating, and most of it I find at least interesting or valuable. But not everyone feels the same way. Sometimes you’re just behind writing that paper or rounding out that project and while you probably should have kept up, you didn’t. You need help and you need it quickly.

Or maybe you’re generally OK with history, but something has come up that you don’t know much about although you kinda feel like you should. Sure, there are sources – so many great history websites, reference materials, and such. I’m even a fan of Wikipedia in situations like that. No joke. But they all require digging and sorting through the important parts, and most have ads and videos trying to autoplay and OMG CAN WE JUST GET TO THE POINT?!

“Have To” History is a series of brief explanations about important people, events, and ideas. Each post will highlight the most important things you have to know, hitting just the basics. Most will conclude with one or two slightly less obvious bits you might bring up if you're trying extra hard to impress (without, you know, actually DOING the necessary research). It will no doubt be woefully incomplete for some time to come, but we’ll start with the people and events most likely to give the average person grief and build from there.

Have a request for "Have To" History? Just email me at BCE@BlueCerealEducation.com and I'll see what I can do.

NEW NOTE: I recently inspired myself to compile a book of "Have To" History: Landmark Supreme Court Cases which covers-- well, I mean... you can probably figure out what it's about, yes? Check it out as a svelte paperback that will make you look smart for even carrying around or a Kindle download. Come on, you know you want to.

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