Two Kids Need Your Help

This isn't normally what I do here, but when I realized there was a story to tell, this seemed like the most practical way to tell it in a form easily shared, updated, etc. 

Bobbi & Kids

Many of you know that an Owasso teacher was killed this past Sunday in a car accident, presumably by an inattentive (or otherwise impaired) driver. 

She was a single mom, meaning her kids – who were both seriously injured as well – are now essentially orphans. Their medical expenses will be astronomical - months of rehab and physical therapy, etc. – plus, they just lost their mom. 

I’ve been asked to share just a bit of this story from someone who knew her much better, and link to a GoFundMe page to help this family during this worst-possible time.  

Bobbi – the teacher who was killed - was a teen mom, who nevertheless managed to work two jobs while raising two kids by herself AND going to school full time. She graduated from NSU with a teaching degree and very little debt – all while saving just enough money to take her kids to Disney World to celebrate graduation as a family accomplishment.

She taught 8th Grade for Union Public Schools (Tulsa) for a year, then moved to Owasso where her kids attended. She’s been teaching 9th grade there for several years. 

Bobbi wanted a proper house for her kids, but couldn’t afford anything acceptable (Oklahoma teacher). Rather than complain, she bought a foreclosure in dire straits and – over time – renovated it top to bottom on her own. I’m not even sure how you do that with time on your hands, let alone working and raising two kids. 

But it was important to her. For them. 

The driver of the other vehicle apparently never even braked, and the description of the scene leaves me both heartbroken and angry. Right now, though, I’m doing something I’ve not done very often and asking you to help. 

These kids are in 3rd Grade and 6th Grade respectively. One is in ICU with multiple surgeries already and the other has multiple broken bones. They both face months of hospitalization and physical rehab. 

You know the clichés, but in this case they’re true – if you can give a lot, please give a lot. If you can’t give a lot, go to the site and give a little.

Legit folks I know in real life are coordinating this, so you don't have to worry that it's anything nefarious or otherwise illegitimate. Bobbi was quite loved 'round these parts.

You know how quickly small expenses add up when they just keep coming. It works in reverse as well - when hundreds of people give a little, it adds up.

Of course, when hundreds of people give a lot, it adds up faster – so let’s not overlook THAT option.

Thanks for reading this, and for GOING TO THE DONATIONS PAGE and doing whatever you can. We'll get back to state politics, and edu-policy, and my brilliant and pithy insights soon. Right now, help these kids. Then, before you get back to whatever it is you do, stop and hug your loved ones, and tell them how amazing they are.

Maybe twice. 


It was really pathetic to read about these unlucky girls. Great misfortunes come on them and it may lay for the whole life with them. I wonder how the accident was much serious to kill that lady. It was just a result of a reckless driving of another driver at the spot. Luckily these girls escape but what about their coming future? Thanks a lot for sharing this post. I will try to spread it as much as possible to convince others to help these girls.


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