#OklaEd Chat Preview (12/27/15)

Oh the Giddy Joy!

Blue Cereal will be moderating the weekly #OklaEd chat this coming Sunday (12/27/15) from 8:00 - 9:00 CST.

If you're a regular participant, please set aside that extended family you're tired of by Sunday evening anyway and join us. And if you're not, please consider joining us anyway!

We're throwing this one open to anyone interested in a little edu-sharing or teacher-bonding mid-holiday break. Teachers, students, parents, administrators, or just desperately lonely people who spend way too much time online. You can participate from Guthrie, or El Paso, or Washington, D.C. Heck, you folks in Austria should set your alarms and drag your cookies to the laptop for this one - GOOD TIMES!

If you've not done a Twitter chat before, every tweet will have the hashtag #OklaEd. Most participants use an app like Tweetdeck or other 'Twitter organizer' so that any tweet with the chosen hashtag shows up in order in the designated column. You can potentially follow along with whatever you use to Twitter anyway as long as you keep refreshing the search for the #OklaEd hashtag - but it sounds like a lot of work that way. But hey, your call, babe.

In Keeping With the Season, This Week's Topic is Inspiration & Motivation -

What Gets You Going and KEEPS You Going? Here are the anticipated prompts and some introductory thoughts...

OklaEd Opening

OklaEd Introductions

OklaEd Q1

OklaEd Q2

OklaEd Q3

OklaEd Q4

OklaEd Q5

OklaEd Q6

OklaEd Q7

OklaEd Q8

OklaEd Q9

Please join us. If this chat is successful, despite me leading it and despite the holiday timing, I promise the next time I moderate will be all deep, meaningful stuff.

"What's the coolest thing you've ever done in class for which you could easily be fired if it were taken out of context?"

"What's the juiciest rumor you've refused to pass along in your district because you're above that sort of thing (but of course you can tell US b/c we're tight like that)?" 

"What's the hardest name you've had to try to pronounce this year?"

"What administrator would you really like to give your full and honest opinion to and what would you say (knowing they're not cool enough to read this and we won't tell)?"

"Does this look infected to you? I can't tell if it's a bite, or a rash... can you touch it?"

But not this time. This time, we're going Inspiration & Motivation - because TIME OF YEAR.

Andy Williams - It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (A Shrift Mix) Six Degrees Records 2003


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