Looking Back (A Year Of Twitching & Twittering)

So another year is concluded, and I'm once again doing my best to focus on things I might control, might impact, might get right from time to time. Clearly my game-changing influence on state politics didn't turn out to be very impressive. 

I thought by way of purging myself, though, I might look back and see how much carrying on I actually did on the topic of the Oklahoma Legislature this past year - and, um... well, it was a lot. 

Here are some highlights by way of a couple of Twitter searches in several different formats. I've put stars - or, some kind of odd shapes - next to a few which I'll be lording over the masses for some time to come. 

Searching Teacher "Raises":

Raises RaisesRaisesRaisesRaises

I hadn't realized I'd begun (began? beginned? begone?) using #OKLeg so far back, but apparently...


I had a little trouble retrieving just tweets from November 2016, right after the election, but found them in some Twitter Analytics feature which cuts off a few, but leaves enough to get the general idea. 

Apparently, I was frustrated with the results...


I'm planning on putting more time and energy on BlueCerealEducation.net, which is coming together nicely, and hope to be distracted by getting used to my new job somewhere outside of Oklahoma soon. 

But it's impossible to know for sure how things will unfold, so these are just goals - not guarantees. Still, I'm trying in sharing this little recap to move past pointless efforts to impact this state politically, socially, or any other -ally, and to focus on things which are actually interesting or fulfilling - and which periodically prove useful to others as well. 

You are loved and appreciated, my darlings. Just because you're surrounded by bastards doesn't mean you're not absolutely golden. Walk in warmth, and keep your eyes open - no matter how much it hurts.

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