A Hand Goes Up

HS Classroom

We started a new book in 2nd hour today. I knew it would be challenging, so I tried to set it up a bit better than I normally do, explaining why we're reading it and some of the historical issues it includes.

I even drew a map on the white board. I'm THAT dedicated.

Three minutes left in class, I ask if there are any questions over the book so far. A young lady shouts out:

"This book sucks!"

Some of them laugh, which is fine. It wasn't unexpected. 

"Oh! I'm sorry, that's NOT a question! Please check with your English teacher to review the distinction. Anyone else?"

There's a pause, and one of my young men with much potential and so little production raises his hand.

"Will this book get ANY better?"

I think I laughed as much as the rest of the room. Maybe more. And in my class, if I laugh out loud (literally), you can't get in trouble for it.

It works for me. 

"Now, see? THAT's how you make the same point, but within the structure given. Nice job."

I didn't answer his question. That wasn't why he'd asked.

That quick thinking, and wit? If he could learn to use that for good and not evil... oh, the places he could go!

I'm not convinced he will - not anytime soon. Too many things right now. Too many things. Maybe eventually...

It's not relevant to the story, but I did agree that if over half of them still think it sucks by Friday, we'll change books. This one has so much in it that's amazing, if they could only see...

Just like them. 

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