Dear Newsletter Subscribers...

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I'm absolutely positive that many of you who follow this blog and website primarily through the email version of various posts have been confused - nay, traumatized - by the relatively low production of witty, insightful edu-commentary recently.

Sure, you could simply come visit the site to see what's going on, but sometimes it's simply too terrifying to open that door and find out why the dramatic music is swelling in the background. Better to remain in denial and a touch of sadness tinged with fear and the taste of anticipated loss in your mouth like unbrushed teeth.

My focus recently has been on #OKElections16 - Issues Summaries and Candidate Profiles as we move towards elections in the state of Oklahoma this year. It's less glorious, and - just between you and me - much less fun, but others are doing their parts faithfully, and I felt I must try to do mine. 

If you're curious what's together so far, you should visit. Otherwise, thank you for your patience. I'll still be spouting my pithy rhetoric from time to time, and come December 2016, who knows what backlogged brilliance might spew forth? I'm giddy just thinking about it. 

Thanks for subscribing, and reading, and pretending to care. We have a thing, you and I. 


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