BlueCerealEducation.NET Limited Time Promo Giveaway and Sellout!

For those of you who've been letting your real lives get in the way of following Blue Cereal as faithfully as you know deep down inside you should, I've been rebuilding and reforming the world of Blue Cereal on a new site: BlueCerealEducation.NET

It's a bit more legit, less ranting, better editing, more focus on history and pedagogy - in other words, a complete change of style for yours truly.

Blue Dot Net

But here's the problem with moving away from ranting and accusing and calling out the fallen by name and title - people don't circulate it for you. They don't get all worked up and email their friends, favorite your tweets, or quote your pithy wisdom. For a time, I considered doing an entire series of Clickbait Blog Posts with completely derogatory and unfair attacks on pretty much anyone with a little name recognition in edu-bloggery:

What's Diane Ravitch Really Up To? Common Core, or Common Whore?!

Former Students Reveal the Dark Side of Curmudgucation's Peter Greene: "He Used... Sarcasm - With Words and Tone and Everything!" 

WHY Have We Never Seen Rick Cobb and Mary Fallin in the Same Room? (A Tale of Lost Identity and Bending Genders.)

How Trump's Appointment of DeVos Will Finally Destroy TFA and Turn YOUR Child Gay and Muslim!

What Did Rob Miller and Claudia Swisher REALLY Say About This Year's Legislative Session? THE TWEETS THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO SEE! 

The Dark Conspiracy Behind Unicorns and Donuts - "For The Love... of Philandering Druid Worshippers!" (NSFW!)

Angela Little: WHO Does She REALLY Work For? WHAT Really Drives Her? And HOW Does She Stay Fresh and Stylin' As a Busy Mother of Two?! We Have The REAL Story HERE!

Is there a "Rebel Alliance" coordinating behind the scenes to shape social media about #oklaed? One staffer says HE even has the T-Shirt to prove it!

TEN Reasons Ben Felder Will Be The Next Governor of Oklahoma (You Won't Believe #8!)

Problem is, that's all just silly. And too much work. I'm still wading through divorce cases which made it to the Supreme Court in the 1890s - I don't have time to make up stuff about Mindy Dennison: This Teacher STINGS! or that Whistler guy from Twitter. And it's hard to make fun of the current Legislature because they pretty much top anything I could invent with their own daily actions and press releases. 

So I'm going to go with my strengths and do...

The first (and probably ONLY) Blue Cereal Contest of 2017!

It's pretty straightforward. YOU push any blog post, pedagogy page, or whatever from and tag me on FB or Twitter when you do. Multiple pushes go in the proverbial "hat" multiple times, so the more you love me, the more chance I'll love you back. On Friday, June 2nd, I'll randomly choose TWO participants from the mix and they'll receive one of the VERY FEW remaining Blue Cereal #11FF Lunchboxes!

BCE Lunchbox FrontBCE Lunchbox Back

But that's not all. For the first time ever, each winner will have their choice of a secondary prize as well:

Black Lives MugChoice #1: A brand new "Black Lives Matter (More Than White Feelings)" mug from Buy Noir, shipped w/ the Lunchbox.

Choice #2: I will write a post about any topic you like and do my best to make it informative and engaging and credit you with the inspiration. This can be something pedagogical, historical, political, or something personal - a biography of that one child you like better than the others although you try to hide it, a favorite disease, or an extended puff piece on your restaurant or latest boy toy. It will be posted and pushed like any Blue Cereal post.

Choice #3: I'll send you a copy of one of my favorite teacher books (no, I won't tell you in advance) as well as one of my favorite non-teacher books. You'll read them, we'll talk abou them like intellectuals, and for the rest of our lives we'll have an inside thing, you and me, making us just a little bit superior to everyone around us in terms of BFF-ness. 

Choice #4: Drinks w/ Blue (this one is for winners in Oklahoma only, I'm afraid). At some point before schools starts again, I'll come to your town, we'll drink (alcohol, coffee, sodie-pops - your call), talk, laugh, cry, hug, and take pics before we part (no nudes unless you REALLY promote the heck out of the new site). Hopefully you're not, like, totally creepy or anything - and I, of course, am adorable. {Note: Yes, I hope to move before school starts, but due to my conference commitments, Tulsa will likely remain "home base" for most of the summer either way.}

This is a ONE WEEK ONLY, one-time contest. And it starts NOW.

Come on - you know you want to. Go with it. It feels good

2016 Blue Cereal Education #11FF Video Slideshow - Version 1


We are all so tired and this legislative glad you made me smile today. Thank you!!

Those were some amazing clickbait headlines. I would have clicked on most of them...
I will spread the knowledge of the .net good buddy.

Hilarious! And I'm flattered I made the click bait cut!

How did you find out about those tweets, Dallas?! This is just awesome. Needed the laugh.

Rebel Alliance? Hmmm, never heard of it.

Hey! Those Philandering Druid Worship posts and pics were for your eyes only! I'm honored to be one of your clickbait bloggers.


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