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Blue CerealSome of you have noticed over the past few months that there’s a new Blue Cereal site – This originally came about due to technical issues I was having with the host of this site – the .com site – issues which now appear to be resolved. *fingerscrossed*

Rather than mass-copy everything over, I’ve been lovingly revisiting old material and trying to include only stuff which is potentially classroom or teacher-friendly – no unnecessary swear words, manageable lengths, and nothing overly tied to time and place. Posts which make the cut have been revised, then posted with PDF versions attached for easy use in class or workshop and whatnot. (Hey, I use stuff like that all the time when I can find it – just the right length, just the right reading level, etc. I’ll risk sounding vain if it means I might accidentally be useful.)

I confess I’ve kept a few things just because I like them as well, but it’s a blog – how regimented can it really be?

Boo Berry BoxI’ve considered what to do about the two versions – combine them, separate content into the .com stuff and the .net stuff, or say to hell with it all and delete the whole mess, and I think I’ve come to peace with something that makes sense to me but may not to anyone else. (Then again, it’s not like you’re paying for this pith and vinegar – this brilliance is free, even with unlimited wit’n’charm sauce. So I guess that makes it my call!)

New content will still go here, on While I’m trying not to focus too much on state politics or local policy, this is the place for it if I do. New posts, new research, new pedagogy, etc., will come here first and be shared in all its well-intentioned glory.

Wax On Wax OffI’ll keep revisiting and reworking anything bordering on legit and posting it to the new site in the new format. Classroom resources, Supreme Court cases, primary sources, etc., along with whatever history I manage to write. If something I blog about teachers or teaching seems to resonate more than a few months after I first get it off my chest, it may eventually go there as well.

In other words, this is the clearing house, and .net is for what I hope is the good stuff. Or at least the stuff that’s as good as I’ve got.

If you were subscribed to this site’s mailing list before I added the second site, you should be on both mailing lists. Otherwise, it’s up to you to subscribe to either or both. Long-time #11FF will recognize some of the material being sent out, but hopefully it’s new enough to be enjoyable again, or at least not too much trouble to delete. Let me know.

@BlueCerealEduc is still me far too unfiltered on Twitter, and hope you'll join the fun with Blue Cereal Education on Facebook as well. Always feel free to message or email with comments or questions, opinions or insights. You are appreciated more than you know. All of you.

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