Blue Serials (September 13th, 2015)

Greetings, #11FF - I bring you encouragement and perspective from the edu-blogs. And Hawkeye:

Scarlet Witch PANICS - Avengers 2 MOVIE CLIP

I'm a sucker for superhero movies, and for the little guy trying to work above his pay grade to save the world. Scenes like this? I tear up, and often there's actual snot involved. It's embarrassing. 

Here are some of the best moments from this past week to dry your tired tears, my darlings... in case you missed them:

Run Them Through the Dream Crusher - Perhaps Arne and Coleman and others are onto something with this 'tough love minus the love' approach to educating children. Let's stop mamy-pambying these little kids and get them ready for the 'real world' - one full of rejection, harsh realities, and a whole lotta beat-down. Rob Miller on A View From The Edge dances joyfully through this diatribe, and reminds me why he IS the current 'must read' among all things edu-blog or #oklaed. I love this one.

If you've ever actually cared about children, the future, or 'Merica, you simply must follow Rob (closely) on the Twitters at @edgeblogger

Literacy and the Electives Teacher - Meghan Loyd at For the Love is frothing a bit herself - which I, for one, never saw coming! She has a few thoughts on literacy, our mindset towards 'electives' and those who teach them, and pizza rolls. This is not her most tender or careful post so far, but I must confess... I love the sauce she's slinging. Loyd is TOTES #11FF, so follow her on the Twitters at @MeghanLoyd.

Walkmen At Garage Sales - Donuts in the Lounge is a relatively new #oklaed blog featuring the ramblings of Mr. Link Lowe. This past week, he pondered how quickly we've become used to - maybe even bored with - the technological miracles all around us. "Guess I'll *sigh* transport to Venus and grab a few more Live Forever pods *yawn* before the Holo-tournament..." Ponder Mr. Lowe (without getting bored) on the Twitters at @MrLoweOfficial

Baby-Proofing a Middle School Classroom - OK, this is actually from two weeks ago, but I missed it. My bad! MiddleSchoolStationConductor is new to me, but obviously I'll be keeping up with this one from here on out. #OklaEd Middle School Social Studies teacher (you can understand my immediate attachment) Tina Lunday discusses trying to see our classrooms - physically and experientially - through student eyes. Show Tina some edu-love on the Twitters at @TMLunday.

The Drive Episode 8: Literacy - Scott Haselwood TAKES OFF THE SUNGLASSES for this one, which either means it's time to get SERIOUS, or that it was raining as he taped. Perhaps it's both. This week on Teaching From Here, after a nice plug for the #oklaed chat every Sunday evening from 8:00 - 9:00 p.m. CST, he expounds on the subject of last week's chat - literacy's many facets.

Scott's emphasis this week is on the value of non-traditional literacies - artistic literacy, computer literacy, musical literacy, numeracy, etc. As a bonus, he cites some of my favorite #oklaed bloggers - @MeghanLoyd and @MrsDSings - as support. What I wouldn't give to have the three of them around the table with pretentious coffee and hard-to-pronounce edibles so we could wrestle with this one a bit more. I think there's more we could do. More approaches to consider. We have much to continue learning from one another - which, I suppose, is the whole point... yes?

And Seriously Worth A Revisit or Eleven...

Is There Really A Point To It All? - No, Dad Gone Wild was not having an Existential Crisis - or if he was, he didn't write about it here. What DID promp some angst was our current obsession with 'excellence' and being 'career-ready' and the bestest bestly bestness best. 

Maybe the next generation will do nothing but create exceptional businesses and tackle exceptional challenges. They will read only exceptional books and listen only to exceptional music. I certainly hope not because they’d miss out on the joy of dancing around the living room to “Shake It Off” with your five-year-old or chuckling at an old episode of “Benny Hill.” It’s just that I look at this constant drum of high achievement, and I can’t see a translation to real life. I can’t help but think that we are squeezing children for their data points while leaving them ill-equipped for life. In fact, my Spidey sense tells me that we are setting unrealistic expectations and setting children up for failure... The truth is, that while we all seek excellence, the majority of us will live average lives and there should be pleasure in that. This average life has served me well.

I would kiss this man on the lips if (a) I had any idea exactly where he is and I could get there, and (b) I wasn't pretty sure the message he'd receive would be very different from the one I'd be trying to send. Oh the complications of communication in the 21st century! Find and follow DGW on the Twitters at @norinrad10.

Keep rising up, #11FF! You are changing lives one way or the other; let's make them good ones. 

Mike Doughty - (I Keep On) Rising Up (Live on 89.3 The Current)

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