Blue Serials (2/22/16) #OKElections16 Special Edition

White Rabbit

February is a Hectic Time in the World of Edu-slation.

There are deadlines to be met in getting bills heard in committee, and variations on several themes are simultaneously being bounced around in the State House and the State Senate. 

Parents are calling and emailing, bloggers are bullying and grawlixing, and even the legit news sites are scrambling to keep up with the madness. 

For those of you not fully immersed in the more fussified issues of the day, I've been maintaining an easy-to-use guide of sorts on the #OKElections16 section of this website. I thought it might be helpful TODAY, however, to boil even THAT down to a few highlights on some of the major issues in #OklaEd this week. Maybe you've heard them discussed, perhaps even offered opinions of your own, but deep down inside you know you haven't had the time to actually, um... research. 

That's OK. I'm here for you. There, there... let it all out. I've got you. All better?

Mad Hatter Tea Party

ESAs / Vouchers:

Tulsa World Editorial: Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarship program is constitutional, and still a bad idea - The Tulsa World (2/17/16) - If you don't subscribe to the Tulsa World, you're doing EVERYTHING wrong. No offense. 

A Week of Gains for School Choice Efforts - Nate Robson and Jennifer Palmer, Oklahoma Watch (2/16/16) - So... good times, eh?

Do ESAs Pass The Lemon Test? - David Burton, Idealistically Realistic (2/14/16) - Let's talk constitutionality, especially since fighting so many losing causes is expensive - and apparently we're broke. 

HB2949 and John Green - Claudia Swisher, Fourth Generation Teacher (2/14/16) - Who, exactly, is public education FOR?

The Blaine Game, Part One (Information) - Blue Cereal Education (2/6/16) - This one's me, but GOLLY my stuff is THAT GOOD!

Top 10 Reasons School Choice is No Choice - Steven Singer, GadflyOnTheWallBlog (1/27/16) - And right in the middle of 'Celebrate School Choice Week'! Singer's not #oklaed, but he's dead on with this one and it applies x1000 here. 

A Call To Arms - A View From The Edge (12/1/15) - A look at the rhetorical shenanigans surrounding ESAs/Vouchers

Chesire Legislator

Funding Education in Oklahoma

The Facts About Oklahoma Education - Oklahoma Education Coalition

As Legislators Weigh School Cuts, a Rising Outcry From Parents and Advocates - Jennifer Palmer and Nate Robson, Oklahoma Watch (2/19/16) - Turns out even in Oklahoma, people get touchy when they figure out you're trying to screw over their kids even more.

James Frasier: Government cowardice to blame for Oklahoma's mess - James Frasier, Guest Editorial in The Tulsa World (2/17/16)

10th Amendment & #OklaEd - David Burton, Idealistically Realistic (2/11/16) - With States' Rights comes States' Responsibilities... this is one of my favorite posts EVER on the subject of state government and public education.

Cut The Crap, Not The Budget - OKEducationTruths (12/17/15) - Education $$, State Tax Policy, and don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining. 

Alice Croquet

General Budget Shenanigans:

Sales Tax Exemptions: A Puzzling Roster of Haves and Have-Nots - Warren Vieth, Oklahoma Watch (2/18/16) - The good news is, it's not just Oil & Gas Bigwigs being catered to by state legislators. Or is that the bad news?

The tax shift rears its head - Gene Perry, Oklahoma Policy Institute (2/16/16) - When tax cuts for the rich don't work, cut taxes for the rich MORE and go after the poor. What could possibly go wrong?

Thousands of Oklahoma state employees given raises despite budget woes - Randy Ellis, The Oklahoman (2/7/16) - This was the trigger to my complete and total meltdown later that day. 

Budget Trends and Outlook - January 2016 - Oklahoma Policy Institute (1/19/16) - Clear facts and visual aids about budget decisions in OK over the past five years. And I love good visual aids. 

The Oklahoma Budget Crisis Hasn't Hurt Everyone - Rob Miller, A View From The Edge (1/10/16) - Funny how the same guy assuring us that brutal cuts are a great "opportunity" keeps getting substantial raises every year. Why can't he have some "opportunity" as well?

Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dummer

Keep yourself informed and STAY INVOLVED.

All that stuff about your voice making a difference may or may not have a basis in reality when it comes to national elections or whether or not your wife can raise those kids however she pleases, but it DOES have impact in state and local politics. Remember - be polite, be informed, be concise, and move on. 

Check my brilliant Candidate Profiles to see if your Representative or Senator has been profiled, and know who your people are and how they're voting. You don't have to agree with me about everything, but if you don't agree with me about most things, you're probably wrong.

Bless you, my #11FF - Keep Being Amazing. You are more necessary than you'll ever know to those you'd least expect. 

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