Blue Serials (October 11th, 2005)

Fall Leaves

I Love Fall.


Hockey has started again, the weather is occasionally tolerable, and I sorta kinda know my kids. 

Not everyone is as thrilled with shorter days and cooler weather. I will now adjust this bizarre attitude by inserting a rather awkward music video for a very nifty song.  

The Apples in stereo "Energy" Directed by Elijah Wood


Many of us are swept along in the spiraling essentials of the day - which is awesome. It's what we do. Nevertheless, there are a few things this past week it'd be a shame to miss. I gather them here, for thee.

Game Strategy - Anthony Purcell on Random Teacher Thoughts shares a tale of his students gaming a classroom, um... game... in order to increase their odds of winning. He didn't plan it, but he had to love it. Even when it's not what we had in mind, it's so cool when kids are thinky. Find Purcell and his very serious dog on the Twitters at @MrP_tchr.  #oklaed

The Great Data Chase - Dad Gone Wild talks about his love of running, and then measuring the running, and then really seriously measuring every odd aspect of or element involved in running, until (a) it's become quite difficult to run, and (b) it's become even more difficult to love the actual running. I totally believe his face value sincerity, but fortunately for us, it turns out this is a nice little metaphor for education as well. Follow TC Weber - the wildly gone dad in question - on the Twitters at @norinrad10

When Discipline Yins, Compassion Must Yang - Dan Tricarico, certified #11FF and The Zen Teacher, reflects on calling down 'Robert' on the VERY FIRST DAY of school. Don't you hate it when you're pretty sure you're doing the teachy stuff wrong? On the other hand, those moments you kinda don't stink are pretty sweet. You simply MUST follow Dan on the Twitters at @TheZenTeacher

On a less-inspirational note, while #CommonCore standards may have been the Devil's Petroleum Jelly, it's apparently not as easy as OK Leggies figured to throw a couple people in a room and bust out the GREATEST PEDAGOGICARY STANDARDS OF HIGHNESS LEARNARIFFIC MATHPLOSION TRUTHSPLAINED OHMYGODOKLAROCKS in the known universe. Who knew, other than everyone? Nate Robson of Oklahoma Watch shares the rather brutal assessments of some amusing experts. Follow Nate on the serious side of the Twitters at @OKWnate.  #oklaed 

Finally, A Piece Definitely Worth A Revisit...

Symbolically Speaking - David Burton of Idealistically Realistic offers this thoughtful - but concise - history of flags and symbolic expression in response to recent debates over the Confederate flag. I love Burton's stuff and only wish I had the power and influence to persuade him to write more often. Help me peer pressure him into doing things he doesn't want to do; you can start by following him on the Twitters at @APTeacherBurton.  #oklaed

Go be amazing this week! I'm proud of most of you. You may not be doing everything right, or feeling it all of the time, or even certain exactly what we're trying to accomplish in this odd little calling. But you're here, and doing it, and dedicated enough to follow this blog on top of all that. 

I can't help but love you for that. Drinking juice from mason jars.

Mission Responsible


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