Blue Serials (September 27th, 2015)

What A Week! The Teaching, the Learning, the Changing, the Kicking! No wonder some of us missed edu-bloggery which should NOT be missed!

Last week's Blue Serials was largely devoted to reactions and responses to unpleasant comments by some Okla-legi-someone or other who I've decided to ignore for the moment. It was not our happiest weekly highlights.

This week, however, is almost entirely focused on bloggery regarding the important stuff - the fulfilly stuff - the good stuff, even when it's not fun or easy all the time. I didn't even have to try to make this happen - I just follow the bestest people. And, if you're reading this right now, so do you - apparently. 

And what better way to introduce the inspirational-but-sometimes-difficult stuff than with a song I love, and which keeps popping up in the oddest places. I'm pretty sure it's motivational... I mean, I always find it so. But maybe it's not - maybe it's just... sobering and dark. I can't always tell. 

Kinda like teaching!

Frightened Rabbit - Swim Until You Cant See Land


Power - Rebecka Peterson ponders the power of 'just a teacher' on One Good Thing. This is a blog maintained entirely by math teachers committed to identifying 'one good thing' (see? it's the title!) a day that happens in their professional worlds. I didn't even know math people could be... you know... inspirational and stuff! First Haselwood, then Horn, and now and entire cadre of them refuting my silly stereotypes with style. I love being wrong. Good thing, actually - it happening so often and all. Follow Rebecka on the Twitters at @RebeckaMozdeh. #oklaed 

Leadership and What They Do When I'm Not There - Meghan Loyd on her blog For The Love celebrates her students' willingness AND ability to step up and take care of business when she's gone or occupied. Warning - unicorns and rainbows here. But... I mean... they're pretty cool unicorns. Chase the rainbow with Meghan on the Twitters at @MeghanLoyd. #oklaed 

Teaching & Thinking: Episodes - Honorary #oklaed Sherri Spelic on her very own Edified Listener has been all about the reflection lately. I think this started before she started tweet-hanging w/ The Zen Teacher, but it's certainly deepened since then. This works out GREAT for those who benefit from such deep thinking and feeling, but prefer not to do so much of either on our own - like myself, for example. As she suggests in this post, it all starts with self-awareness, and awareness of those in our care. There are NO good reasons to NOT follow @edifiedlistener on the Twitters.

Why We Should Challenge Our Students... And Ourselves - Shana Karnes on Three Teachers Talk gets naked in a poetry workshop - metaphorically, at least. In this post, she celebrates the chance to feel clueless and awkward, in a room where everyone seems to know what's going on except her. Student experience, much? It's powerful the way she shares the risk and the vulnerability here - and what better place to get naked than the internet? Wait, that didn't come out as literary-ish as I'd hoped... Um... Follow a very thoughtful and fully-dressed Karnes on the Twitters at @litreader

Time To Breathe - Peter Greene's Curmudgucation is pretty much essential reading for anyone valuing education, good writing, snarky humor, periodic outrage, or hot buttered toast. I don't link to him often in these weekly roundups because it should be a given that anyone paying any attention to anything is reading him regularly already. But just in case you missed this one, you should rectify that now. Greene wrestles with 'teachable moments' and student connections which always seem to come up when you're trying to get through something... "really important." As if anything else is really important compared to those moments. Obviously you should be following Greene on the Twitters at @palan57

Worth Revisiting...

Maybe We Should Make Him A Gift - Jon Harper writing as Bailey & Derek's Daddy shares a story. I. Love. This. Story. 

I close with the wisdom of Monty Python's Flying Circus for those days you think maybe you're not where you're supposed to be. You are, my #11FF - you so totally are. You are shapers of men and women and lighters of candles in the darkness. You tame lions and endure dragons while cleaning your own whiteboards and buying store brands. 

Go forth and kick more pedagogical ***! I adore you. 

Monty Python - Lion Tamer


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