Blue Serials (8/28/16)

High School Never Ends


Politics Makes You Tired. Even when you win more than you lose, the melodrama and the nonsense... Oh Dear God.

BUT NOT TODAY! Today, my #11FF, I Bring Thee Wonderful Bursts of Edu-Bloggery from the Past Week which YOU SIMPLY SHOULD NOT MISS!

J GonzalezThe Compliments Project - Jennifer Gonzalez, goddess of Cult of Pedagogy, shares this... this... THING that... that... OMG.

I don't really DO positive feely touching-the-soul kinda stuff here, or in my class, or ever. The twin pits of Cliche and Platitude too often loom on either side while the broken glass of Forced Sentiment gets stuck between my toes. 

BUT THAT'S NOT WHAT'S HAPPENING HERE. Instead, some fab teacher (who nevertheless seems to have avoided having her own Twitter account?!) has stumbled onto a simple way to unlock genuine, powerful, peer affirmation. Gonzalez gives us the overview, includes an amazing video and a brief interview with the teacher in question. 

I sorta lost it. Lots of blurry vision and snot. Kinda ruined my second Pop Tart. Probably more issues in play than how much I loved this piece, but still - you should absolutely check this out. Because... IT'S WHY.

Follow @cultofpedagogy on the Twittering for more learnified goodness. You won't regret it. 

R PetersonDay Two / The Impossible - Rebecka Peterson on One Good Thing reflects on her first few days of the school year. And math.

Peterson has that ability to be genuine and introspective while still sharing in a way that makes what she writes applicable and stirring for the rest of us. And math.

Follow @RebeckaMozdeh on the Twittering and get stirred while discovering several more "good things."

And math. #oklaed 

Ali CollinsWho Profits From A "Broken Public School" Narrative? - Alison Collins, aka SF Public School Mom, does not brook manipulative nonsense even a little - especially when it impacts education or the culture in which her kids are growing up.

Here she targets the same old-school advertising strategy used to sell mouthwash and hamburgers, and the way it's employed to disparage public schooling and feed for-profit charters and their ilk. 

Plus, she writes with such style. She could be explaining rotary dial phones to me and I'd be fine.

Follow @AliMCollins on the Twittering and see what other shenanigans she disembowels with such ease. 

OK Ed TruthsA Short Note From OKEducationMom - I suppose it should be no surprise that Rick Cobb of OKEducationTruths comes from good breeding. This guest post from his mom is certainly proof enough of that.

Mom has a few things on her mind, the biggest of which are #OKElections16. She remembers a time when teachers weren't involved, education wasn't valued or even attempting to be equitable, and she'd like to see us keep what momentum we have going in the right direction.

Also, she's adorable. Sorry, Rick - she just is. 

Follow @OKEducation on the Twittering and talk more about his m- 

Actually, scratch that. Do follow him, but be careful how you bring up someone's mom. I mean, that's just good general advice, right?  #oklaed

And finally, a series from a man not known for his fuzzy warmth or perpetual unicorns & rainbows mirth. 

Peter GreenePeter Greene, of Curmudgucation, has committed himself to "refreshing his resolve." The resulting series of posts should be collected and cross-stitched into little hanging something-or-others for the walls of every educator. 

Maybe with a background picture of a hand flinging a starfish or two back into the ocean.

Despite my snarky comments - probably a subconscious attempt to emotionally distance myself from so much legitimately stirring and emotional brilliance packed into one wrap-up - they really are that good. I have no idea whether there will be more, but you should take a few minutes and check out the series so far. 

And, I mean, if you DO cross-stitch, for real, maybe send me one or two to hang...?

Refresh the Resolve

Resolve to Breathe

Resolve to Listen

Resolve to See

Resolve to Be Present

I'm so proud of you, my #11FF - in your classrooms, your offices, and exercising your wild-eyed suffrage. Because we choose to believe. Because reality just hasn't caught up yet with what we see and know.

Don't stop.

"Coming Down" (Meat Puppets)


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