Blue Serials (8/21/16)

The Avalanches - 'Frontier Psychiatrist'

This video is largely autobiographical for me, despite the fact I had nothing to do with its creation. 

I know some of you have already started, and some of you have a week or two to go, but we reported back this week. Kids come Monday. 

Thank god. 

In honor of back-to-school, this week's edu-blog wrap-up includes not only fresh bursts of brilliance but a few highlights from past eons which seriously deserve to be read again.

Then again. And again after that. You get the idea. 

Here are a few things you ABSOLUTELY SHOULD NOT MISS IN EDU-BLOGGERY from this past week (give or take two years):

Rob MillerThe Olympic Celebration of Diversity - Rob Miller, on A View From The Edge, knocks it out of the park AGAIN. I kinda wish he'd dial it back a bit; it puts a great deal of pressure on the rest of us.

In this post, simple truth is once again wrapped up in the perfect analogy and served in a mildly pithy relish. 

Follow Rob on the Twitters at @edgeblogger and get pithed on regularly. #oklaed 

Edified ListenerUse Your Arms! - You never know what's coming next from Sherri Spelic, on Edified Listener. Sometimes things go deep - way deep - as she wrestles with issues of race, respect, or social media relationships. Other times, she lays out classroom realities in ways which seem so obvious in retrospect, but which are so welcome and exactly what you needed to hear. 

This is one of the latter. 

It doesn't hurt that it kinda goes with the Olympics theme, although that wasn't my primary motivation. Unless that makes me look clever, and maybe organized - in that case, it was totally my primary motivation all along. 

Follow @edifiedlistener on the Twitters. Use your thumbs. 

Ilana HornRenegotiating Classroom 'Treaties' - Ilana Horn, on Teaching/Math/Culture, talks mindfulness as we navigate the new school year with our latest darlings. 

Horn is too smart to write this clearly and persuasively - I love that about her. She's able to remind us to pay attention to the 'treaties' we're negotiating in our rooms, but she does so alongside us and not from above. 

Negotiate with @ilana_horn on the Twitters and get all wise and reflective up in there. 

Mr. RadSo You Think You're A Terrible Teacher - Mr. Rad's Neighborhood is the tumblr page - yes, there's still tumblr - of Tom Rad. Bookmark it. Visit it. Bask in the... whatever it is. 

If you're like most of us, you will have days you're pretty sure someone made a horrible decision letting you slip through the system. Other days, a meteor shower would be a welcome form of mercy-killing. But are you really a sucky loser teacher failure? Take this simple quiz and find out! 

Assuming you don't change professions as a result, follow @MrTomRad and verify that he's not a terrible tweeter. 

Meghan LoydCalling All First Year Teachers! - I generally avoid "advice for new teachers" posts because by this point in the year they're so supersaturated with the wisdom of others that it just seems cruel to pile on more.

The thing is, Meghan Loyd of For The Love shares it with such sunshine and unicorns that it makes you warm inside just having it pulled up on the screen, whether you're reading it or not. Heck, you don't even have to be in the same room to bask in her energy some days.  

She's that good. 

And in case you're wondering, you're allowed to read it even if you're not a first year teacher. Encouraged to, actually.

Follow @meghanloyd on the Twitters or you probably suck as a person.  #oklaed 

Peter GreeneAn Educated Person - Peter Greene, on Curmudgucation, addresses a question he's tired of hearing... "Don't you think there are things every educated person should know?" The result is one of the best blog posts by anyone on any topic ever, and which I also happen to really enjoy and like and treasure and value.

New educator or no, take a moment and read this one (again, if applicable). Whatever else wears on us this year, let's make sure it's NOT worrying about getting through someone's $#%& LIST. 

Get through @palan57 on the Twitters and buckle up. He has thoughts and opinions sometimes. 


There are THIRTEEN #OKElections16 Primary Runoffs this Tuesday, August 23rd. Please please please, if you haven't already, see if any of them are in your district. Call your friends. Pull in favors. Seriously - this is a pretty big deal. 

With that in mind, I share this closing ditty in tribute to our favorite foil-hatted demagogue who swears he's not an elitist racist dillweed - a track I hope I'll have no use for a week from now.

If you're, um... if you're a decent person, just skip this one. Seriously. There's lots of GOOD music out there for you to enjoy instead.

Jim's Big Ego - In My Cult


Be amazing, my darlings. They need you now more than ever before. Don't let the sheer hopelessness of it all so much as slow you down. I believe in you. #11FF


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