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The Call - The Walls Came Down


They just stood there, laughing; they're not laughing anymore.

The walls came down.

I realize the song uses the Battle of Jericho somewhat metaphorically, but here's something to consider as we rush through these final 10 Days before #OKElections16 Primary Runoffs - the Israelites didn't have to have the POWER to overcome the walls. They didn't have to have the WEAPONS or the RESOURCES to overcome the opposition. And yet, despite all worldly odds, those walls DID come down.

But they DID have to DO something - they had to march. Quite a bit, actually. That, and toot their little horns at the end.

I love you, #OklaEd, but you need to get your edu-booties physically engaged and volunteer for some of these critical campaigns. Like... NOW. I'm not doing this for myself - I'm a thousand years old and with any luck will be dead soon. But there are these children scattered across the state who'll be paying your Social Security... or not. 

Volunteer that time. Make those calls. Walk those neighborhoods. If you really want, you can toot your little horns when it's all done, too. 

In the meantime, a few things you simple SHOULD NOT MISS from the world of edu-bloggery this past week or so...

Frustr8edTSometimes Teaching Is Difficult - This freshman post from the mysterious, new "Oklahoma Teacher" (such a quirky and creative name - wonder how they thought of it?) is about as freshly forthright as you could ask.

Despite the title, nothing here is whiny or bitter. It's simply a rallying cry for more teachers to share their stories and raise their voices in service of the larger good. As the post says, "Public education is not failing. Teachers are not failing. Communities are not failing their schools. Our policies are failing." 


Follow @thefrustr8edT on the Tweetering and add your voice to the mix.  #oklaed 

MimiMatthewsThe Victorian Demagogue: 19th Century Words on a Modern Day Danger - Mimi Matthews is a brilliant historian and pithy, engaging history blogger focused on all things 19th Century. Whether discussing tennis attire or cat funerals, she brings clarity and thoughfulness to subjects which may not make it into textbooks but which bring color and life to our collective past. 

In this post, Matthews examines historical perceptions of those labeled "demagogues" in their own day, their character, and their impact on those under their sway. I know usually we talk about studying history to better underrstand the present, but I can't think of anything contemporary to which this might relate at the moment... but, I mean, I'm sure it COULD happen. Someday. 

Follow @MimiMatthewsESQ on the Twittering, and learn stuff. Plus, she cracks me up. 

Math Equals Love20 Things You May Not Know About Me - There are several reasons to follow Sarah Carter of Math Equals Love, most of which are mathy. She just finished, for example, a four-part series of Japanese Logic Puzzles for the Secondary Math Classroom - and made it work. Something about math people and blogging...

In any case, this post was partly chosen to bring attention to the rest of her amazing work, but mostly because the first item on the list is "I hate water chestnuts."

That's what Carter leads with when playing "getting to know you." Can you imagine first dates, or parent-teacher night, or the confessional box? "I'm Sarah... I hate water chestnuts."


Or maybe I'm the only one quite so enamored by this. In any case, get to know @mathequalslove on the Twitters and show Carter a little math. (See what I did there?)  #oklaed 

L.Z. MarieSymbols & Context - This one is from earlier in the summer, but makes for fascinating reading nonetheless. L.Z. Marie of Fiction Flirts With Fact is a writer and educator who blogs regularly about the tools of the trade.

Here, she's compiled some of her best posts about using Setting, Direction, Biblical Allusions, Shapes, Architecture, and a dozen of other elements to make your writing richer and your themes more compelling. If for some reason you're NOT writing a novel, I assure you this is an enlightening and engaging read anyway. 

Heck, it's even a downloadable PDF for those of you who might find it a helpful classroom resource.

I confess I'm something of a fanboy of Marie's since I checked out the first book in her 'Merkabah' series - you know, just to see what it was like. I was immediately hooked and devoured the second book as well. The nearly one-year delay before this third one became available was... OMG. I hate to lose my street cred, but it was a long, painful wait. So, you know, if you read and stuff... 

Follow @LZMarieAuthor on the Twitters. She's good, and she's good for you.

Rob MillerMattering Every Day! - I don't really DO positive or caring, but I'm smart enough to hang out with those who do, and who do it so very well.

Rob Miller of A View From The Edge is one of the most legit when it comes to the warm fuzzies. He's never delusional, and rarely particularly rainbow-and-unincorn-ed. He does, however, know how to put things into perspective - even if that means a little motivational brilliance, like this. 

Follow @edgeblogger on the Twittering and get wise and warm REGULARLY.  #oklaed 

This last video needs very little explanation for any of you who've been following events in #OKElections16. It says much when the people who know you best, believe in you the most. Thank you Angela Little for loving your kids enough to get involved, and to take the heat for speaking truth to wanna-be-power. And thank you for loving ALL of our kids enough to stay right where you are doing exactly what you do, with style and grace.  #oklaed 

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