Blue Serials (2/8/17)

BooberryI haven't been doing the weekly wrap-ups recently. I'm never quite sure whether anyone reads them, despite the consistently high quality of the goodies within!

But there's simply been TOO MUCH quality edu-bloggery lately not to compile it and celebrate a bit. If you've been busy, or distracted by national shenanigans, or tuned out after the elections, this might be a good time to tune back in for a bit. 

Because it's February, and it's starting. 

Here's what you simply SHOULD NOT HAVE MISSED recently from #OklaEd's best thinkers, explainers, and ranters. God, I love these people and that... stuff they do with the words and point-making and such. It's glorious. 

OKEducationTruthsOklahoma Definitely Deserves Better - Rick Cobb, OKEducationTruths. #OklaEd 

Cobb has never pulled punches, and there's no indication he'll be getting less grumpy anytime soon. After being accused of thuggery and non-existent bad behavior and banned from a school choice event a few weeks ago, he's turned his sights to the new legislative session and the so-called "better plan" that was so trendy as a tool to crush SQ779 last November. 

"You can peruse the list of donors who contributed this money (all between October 1 and December 31 of 2016). If you know any of these people (or work for any of the companies that contributed), maybe you can ask them about that better plan. I’d love to hear it."

Yeah, wouldn't we all. I'm pretty sure it's a very concise plan, probably consisting of no more than two words directed towards teachers across the state. The first begins with 'F', the second with 'Y'. 

Peruse Cobb on the Twitters and see what else is on his mind. He's the foundational source of all things #OklaEd and their implications. 

Meghan Loyd

Past, Future, and Present - Meghan Loyd, For The Love. #OklaEd 

"The past two weeks have been the worst in my teaching career. I have worked crazy long hours, and then I come home and cry over it... I have allowed my emotional needs and hurt negatively impact my students. I want to build a positive culture, and I have done nothing of the sorts.

Then my college professor posted this on Facebook..."

Loyd waxes raw on the power of transparency, community, and encouragement. Loyd is our go-to unicorns and rainbows supplier on #oklaed, but she's been wounded this year. Doubting. Angry. What she refuses to be is afraid, or silent. For the love, she keeps putting it out there. 

Follow her on the Twitters and give a little of it back to her, but with donuts. She does still crave herself some donuts.

Mindy DennisonHow The Chamber Killed Teacher Raises - Mindy Dennison, This Teacher Sings. #OklaEd 

Dennison is done messing around. In this post, as with last week's Better Find Someone To Blame, she's calling out people and organizations by name and daring them to correct her. 

"They solicited and spent almost a million dollars to deny my family a $5,000 raise, and simultaneously endangered the quality of education for 700,000 school children by contributing to the mass exodus of our teachers. If I had to guess how much money they throw into a campaign for their “better plan”, my guess is somewhere between $0 and $0."

Hey, I'm on her side. Even if I weren't though, I'd think twice before trying to play rhetorical games with her again.

Follow her on the Twitters and see what else she's had enough of.  

Rob MillerAn Open Letter to Prospective Teachers - Rob Miller, A View From The Edge. #OklaEd 

Seems like we should finish with some positives, doesn't it? And that's what this is, despite one of my favorite openings of the entire realm:

"If you are a young person just entering college, or perhaps a millennial or Gen X-er looking for a career change, you should definitely not consider a career as a public school teacher. Seriously, don’t do it. 

Wasting your potential as a classroom teacher is a really bad idea. Do something else. Anything else."

Not that Miller has been stuck on his own unicorn farm lately. He's tackled some of the inane rhetoric of our own legislators and written numerous posts about the Trump Administration and the atrocity that is DeVos.

Fortunately, though, he's still pretty good at finding those reasons to push on - or up, as the case may be. I hope whatever else happens, they don't beat that out of him anytime soon.

Find Miller on the Twitters and see what else he's pushing.  

Claudia SwisherBooks To Read As We Survive Trying Times - Claudia Swisher, Fourth Generation Teacher. #OklaEd 

 "I recently saw an observation that when Barack Obama was elected, sales of guns spiked... and now with the election of Donald Trump, we are seeing a resurgence in the sale of books. As a Reading for Pleasure teacher, I find that fascinating... and hopeful."

Swisher presents the first of four lists of recommended reading for the days ahead. And belief that it can matter. 

You gotta love that.

Find Swisher on the Twitters and let her know what YOU'RE reading to get through. Be careful, though - she'll probably encourage you and stuff.

Alright my darlings, that's it for this Special Edition of Blue Serials. 

I'd tell you things are going to be OK, but I don't know if that's true. I'd tell you we can turn this around, but I don't know if that's true, either. 

What I can tell you is that you are some of the best this fallen world has to offer. You are noble and funny and gracious and kind. Smarter than you think you are and mattering more than the ugly ones will admit. 

Fight well, and in love and light. That's the only kind of fight worth winning in the end. 

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