Blue Serials (2/28/16)

I Guess #OklaEd Parents & Educators Have Been... Vocal This Past Week

"We're Not Gonna Take It" - Twisted Sister (Common Rotation cover)

Be prepared, informed, polite, and concise. Well, concise is optional - they work for YOU, after all. It may not always feel like it, but at this level, your voice DOES make a difference. 

We may not fix everything or win the day, but we'll be in the coversation, by golly gum.

You may have heard this week that most of us teach at atheist schools...

On Instilling Humanity - Mindy Dennison, Founder and Majority Stockholder of This Teacher Sings - I have such mixed feelings when someone says something I'm trying to say, but does it SO much better. Mostly, though, I'm just glad they can.

Welcome to Atheist School - The Unbearable Blueness of Cereal. You've probably seen this email exchange on Facebook this past week. Out of the abundance of the talking points provided by the fiscal overlords the mouth speaketh - the problem is, people are actually listening and questioning right now. 

A Few Other Things You Shouldn't Miss From This Past Week (or so)...

Five Signs It's Time To Break Up With Your Legislator - Rob Miller, President and Chief Operating Officer of A View From The Edge - "Do you recall the way he would look you in the eye and promise that if you put your faith in him, he would never let you down? He wouldn’t be like all those “other” politicians you had encountered before. This time, it would be different. He would be faithful to you and only you..." I shouldn't enjoy it so much when Rob is this pithy and sharp. But I do, darn it - I so totally do. Pith with him on the Twitters at @edgeblogger and feel it hurt so good with me. #oklaed

I'm Angry - Jennifer Williams, Assistant Superintendent of Outreach and Co-Diversity Manager for JennWillTeach is, um... angry. I'd try to calm her down, but I'm having trouble disagreeing with her about any of it. Just don't tell Jay - he might feel bullied. Follow @JennWillTeach on the Twitters and experience the wild, wonderful range of Jenn. #oklaed

I'm Not O.K. - Meghan Loyd, Executive Director of Content Development and Public Relations at For The Love, is in a bit of a righteous snit as well. While the voices of outrage are quite diverse, you don't have to read very deeply to see a common thread of mother-unicorn defensiveness - NOT on behalf of contract hours or copy limits, but for the students we love who don't fit the state-approved ideal. Sorry you think they suck, legis - but that's why we make them come to school. Stop hurting them. #oklaed

Equity, Where Art Thou? - Scott Haselwood, Primary Founder and Endowed Chairman of Teaching From Hereis always about the shovel-ready, practical steps we can take RIGHT NOW to better serve our kids. This doesn't change just because the political storms are, um... storming. This is the guy at the table who lets everyone else vent their spleens, then turns the conversation towards the "To Do" column. Thank God for that voice. Lend a shovel to @TeachFromHere on the Twitters - it will make you a better person. #oklaed

Two Experiments in Haiku...

Before Twitter, there was... Haiku. I'm so annoyed I didn't think of this first...

Because Twitter Has Haiku DNA Strands - The As-Of-Yet Unnamed Chief Content Specialist and Social Media Coordinator of Keep The Wheat calls out the chaff in her sophmore post - with style. I hope she decides to keep writing - I'm in love already and want to learn more about poetic DNA. #oklaed 

Haiku You Doin? - Rick Cobb, Head Engineer and Mail Room Supervisor Because He Loves The Shiny Tubes of OKEducationTruths, offers his own summary of current events via ancient Japanese poetry. I'm disproportionately amused by this one. Follow @okeducation on the Twitters and be amused (and, um, enlightened and stuff also) as well. #oklaed 

And Two Times Literature or Poetry Saved Lives (or at least made them WAY more meaningful)...

On Poetry and Zen - Dan Tricarico, Managing Owner and Co-Solitary Creator of The Zen Teacher, explains how poetry saved his life. Poetry helps us be mindful, and both poetry and mindfulness give us permission to focus on the moment. Be mindful of @thezenteacher on the Twitters and share your poetry. And of course I'm serious.

You Are In Here: How Infinite Jest Pretty Much Changed My Life - Peter Anderson, Writing Staff and Transportation Director of Mr. Anderson Reads and Writes, shares a very personal, raw account of how a book, a father, and a moment changed his life. You know how a story can be so specific and yet its impact so universal? Yeah, that's this x100. It's not even zany. 

Keep Going. Keep Calling. Keep Teaching. Keep Learning.

Keep loving your kids and demanding better from them. Even the ones who you're SO done with by this time of year. And that one girl who's never there. And the kid who only goes by his initials - you know who I mean. Love them anyway, Harder, even. 

They may not have much else, so pour even after you're empty. 

As to the backlash, well... 

Hit-Girl ] Kick-Ass

(Oh calm down, Jay. It's a #@$%ing metaphor.)

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