Blue Serials (1/31/16)

The 2016 Oklahoma Legislative Session starts Monday! 

Much like the Kardashians or any student group presentation, we can expect flaming dysfunction and awkwardly creative destruction - the sort from which you can't quite look away, no matter how horrifying. Oh, good times.

Cop Rock - Let's Be Careful Out There.mpg


I've done my best to lay some groundwork for the casual #oklaed viewer here - but there's so much more to teaching than being hated and abused by elected authority. There are good parts, too.

Like THESE bits you simply SHOULD NOT MISS from the past week. My god, they make me love my job...

Why It's Important To Play The Recorder Badly - Ashley Shaw on Life in Converse, prodded by Bon Stewart (thank you Bon!), talks about that moment every parent fears - your child comes home from school with... a recorder. But then Shaw starts slinging truth and beauty everywhere, without warning. I've read this eleventeen times and had all the feelz, including several which don't even exist. Follow Shaw on the Twittering at @ashleygshaw and see what else she does to us without warning.

What Do You Mean, Excessive Paperwork? / These Feet Will Drag (A Poem) - A double-shot of Jose Vilson - The JLV. The first is about the nonsense, the latter... about why we put up with the nonsense. And it's a poem, no less. Follow @TheJLV on the Twittering. Be warned, though - he'll rattle your comfort zone. Come on - it will be good for you.

Taking Back Your Name - The Pros and Cons of Political Correctness - Steven Singer, GadflyOnTheWallBlog, has some thoughts on the negative connotation we've given "political correctness." He's opinionated, but thoughtful - and might bruise your preconceptions while stretching your thinking. I don't always agree with Singer, but that doesn't make him wrong. Follow @StevenSinger3 on the Twittering - but don't call him Stevey Weevey.

The Challenger and The Dream - Scott Haselwood, Teaching From Here - Dreams can be exciting, or scary, or both at the same time. Haselwood is probably not the first person to challenge you to confess your dream, but he's one of the few willing to go first. Scott is all about the risk and getting real - I kinda envy that. Get naked (metaphorically) with @TeachFromHere on the Twittering, and take a few reality risks.  #oklaed 

Are We Teaching Students How To Swim, Or Handing Them Rocks As They Sink? - Mrs. Waters (who I assume HAS a first name?) on Mrs. Waters' English, explains why she's backed off of firm due dates and harsh classroom penalties. As someone who goes back and forth on this sort of thing and doesn't like any of my own answers, I'm thankful when someone legit wrestles with similar concerns, then shares her thinking so effectively. Share with and be persuaded by @watersenglish on the Twittering.  #oklaed 

I leave you with this, from Button Poetry. 

I simply love a good provocation - stirring up emotions and reactions, saying as much about us as they do anything about the piece doing the stirring...

"All Lives Matter: 1800s Edition" (Anthony McPherson)

Anthony McPherson - "All Lives Matter: 1800s Edition"


Be amazing this week, my #11FF. You're better than you think you are - care harder than you think you can. 

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