Blue Serials (12/13/15)

Charlie Brown Christmas Dance


Baby, It's Tepid Outside. It doesn't really feel like Xmas yet - maybe it's the weather (at least in Oklahoma), or maybe it's because school's still in. Maybe it's just age blunting the potential of the season.

Nevertheless, I have an early present for you. A collection of edu-posts from this past week(ish) which you simply must. not. miss. You're welcome! 

(Oh, um... can you save that bow? We reuse those. Yeah, thanks.)

The Other Shortage - OKEducationTruths wrote last week about the shortage of competent, capable, not-going-to-hell-for-their-shenanigans people running for state office. We need more candidates, and better candidates, and - while he's a bit more gentle about this than I am - we need to get our collective heads out of our behinds well before next November to figure out who we're supporting and who we're not, and why. 

It's partly with this in mind that I'm starting an #OKElections16 feature in January profiling various members of our state legislature - especially in regards to their actions impacting public education. As new candidates arise - IF new candidates arise - I'll try to cover a few of them as well. You know things are serious when Blue Cereal tackles legit, boring-but-so-important stuff. 

In the meantime, follow @okeducation on the Twitters - he's not always serious, but he does say much that's pretty important. (Don't, um... don't tell him I said that, would you?)

#OklaEd Funding, Vouchers Proposals, and Other 'Bend Over, Like It, and We'll Call It Love' State Legislative Rhetoric:

Fund Us. Support Us. Or STFU! - Claudia Swisher at Fourth Generation Teacher has had enough of lawmakers and others talking smarmily about how their mother and their sister and several of their ex-wives were all teachers and so I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU'RE SAYING I HAVE ALL THIS CREDIBILITY. If you get it, she says, then do something useful; otherwise, Shut The F-

Well, you get the idea. Find the normally much calmer, sweeter @ClaudiaSwisher on the Twitters. She's brilliant and effective and still feels awkward about the 'STFU' thing even though it made everyone smile and no one thinks she's a potty mouth.

I Can Run A Spreadsheet Too (Rob Miller, A View From The Edge) - Rob explains why vouchers do NOT raise 'per-pupil funding' for public schools after all the wealthy white kids run to Word of Grace of Hope of Profit Academy in the suburbs. Rob's on Twitter - @edgeblogger - go show him some love. 

A Blatant Double Standard (Rick Cobb, OKEducationTruths) - Of rhetoric and reality regarding voucher proposals in Oklahoma. My favorite part is about how public schools MUST be buried in bureaucracy because OMG STANDARDS! while the privates/charters/chosenfaves MUST be free from any and all accountability because OMG BUREAUCRACY CRUSHES INNOVATION AND QUALITY!

Rick's on Twitter also - or were you not paying attention above? *sheesh*

Early #OklaEd Reactions to the recent passage of the More Delusional Rhetoric Act (aka, "Every Child Learns Everything At The Highest Levels Ever Just Because We Mandate It" Act, sometimes abbreviated to ESSA):

Music Stands Alone - Meghan Loyd at For the Love has hope for extra-curriculars under the revised federal... thing. Only Meghan could make me feel happy thoughts about anything 18,000 pages long and approved by the federal government - but she does. Be happy with Meghan on the Twitters - @meghanloyd.

The First Bite of the Elephant / The Next Big Bite of ESSA - Rob Miller of A View From The Edge has been on a roll lately. Thank goodness - he does all that... thinking and facts and stuff, so the rest of us don't have to.

Finally, GO VOTE FOR THESE AMAZING #OKLAED EDU-BLOGGERS Who've Been Nominated for #Eddies15!

Best Individual Blog - OkEducationTruths

Best Teacher Blog – JennWillTeach and Mrs. Waters’ English

Best New Blog – This Teacher Sings (who has a pithy new post we didn't have a chance to get to this week)

Best EdTech/Resource Sharing – ELAOK Teachers and Mrs. Waters’ English

Best Administrator Blog – A View From the Edge

It doesn't take long to vote, and you're a better person for having done so.

Next week I hope to get back to warmer, fuzzier topics and grab a few from outside our troubled state as well. I know we're tired, and I know anyone paying attention is probably livid and discouraged most of the time - but I promise you, you're doing the Lord's work out there. What you say to your kids and the simple things you try to teach them mean more than any thousands of pages those principalities and powers can pass. So to hell with the system - go love your kids. Hold their heads under that water of knowledge until they have to either drink, or drown.

Merry Almost Xmas.

White Winter Hymnal - Pentatonix (Fleet Foxes Cover)

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