Blue Serials (11/15/15)

Mission Responsible

Sometimes, children, you have to CHOOSE to believe. That is the nature of this calling. 

Believe In Yourself - Scott Haselwood of Teaching From Here has been a bit more scattered and his posts less elaborate since he began taking... I dunno - whatever classes one takes to get ALL THE DEGREES by Summer 2017. I never cease to be amazed, however, by his determination to stay hopeful, and to question, and to push, and to prod, and to believe that WE CAN DO THIS. He's either on something or onto something - and you can't help but believe the latter. If you need help believing, follow him on the Twitters at @TeachFromHere - and tell him you believe as well.  #oklaed

Hello, Year Four - Keen Educator Ashley Stearns is back in the edu-blogosphere, and her voice is both well-timed and welcome. She's feeling a bit scattered as well (see a theme this time of year?) but wants to assure us - and herself, I assume - that this is OK. It's OK to be tired. It's OK to be confused. It's OK to mess up. Take a breath, get it together, and BELIEVE. I'm glad she's back. Tweet her at @KeenEducator and tell her you're glad, too.  #oklaed

How Much You Care - Tom Rademacher on Mr. Rad's Neighborhood revisits the old line about them not caring how much you know until... blah blah blah. The weird thing is, he makes it meaningful again. Like... I believed it again, and kinda cared. Go read it yourself, then follow @MrTomRad on the Twitters. You will believe. 

The Unexpected Becoming the Norm - George Couros of The Principal of Change discusses the essential role of leadership in education if real learning is going to happen. By way of example, he shows some love to our own Supt. Joy Hofmeister. When was the last time you remember ANYTHING in Oklahoma being cited in a positive way regarding public education? Find Couros on the Twitters at @gcouros and while you're at it, follow @Joy4OK as well. We think she's swell. 

Power, Labor, and Compliance in Education Reform: Why We Must Refuse - Yeah, I know... this edition of Blue Serials was in such a happy place, and now I'm wrapping up with a visit back to real world headaches. BUT, this rallying cry from EducationAlchemy to fight principalities and powers and pedagogical wickedness in high places is as much a call to believe as it is an exposè. This piece argues that when a 'crisis' demanding more and more control and funding lasts more than a few generations, we should perhaps question the validity of the 'emergency' - or at least the sincerity of the solutions. Rally with @MornaMcDermott on Twitter to continue the alchemy. 

Regular readers and #11FF know that I'm not particularly cutting edge when it comes to #edtech, but I couldn't help but be impressed by the latest breakthroughs in classroom and personal technology. The age of the flipped, personalized, responsive, BYOD, differentiated, edu-miraculous personal learning automaton is HERE!

1964 - Teaching Machines - Sydney Pressey

Go forth and believe, my amazing carbon-based teacher-types. If you do well, you may win a Tums.

You are SO much better than you think you are - and I thank you.


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