Blue Serials (10/25/15)

Batman FailI'm pretty sure the appropriate thing for a blog like mine to do this time of year is to adapt a Halloween theme in some unnecessary way and dress it up with trite visuals. I am, of course, SO above that.

It's pure coincidence that everything you should have read this past week involves something scary. Stop judging me. 

Grades Are Scary. Being Asked To Justify How We Grade Is Scarier.

Grading Process A Mystery For Many Students And Families - My newest #educrush, Ali Collins, aka SF Public School Mom, joins those questioning 'traditional' grading methods - especially that part where we assign various letters without coherent justification. She even has the audacity to suggest that students deserve actual feedback on the specifics of their work and pathways to *gasp* improve! Typical West Coast radicalism if you ask me. Follow @AliMCollins on the Twitters, but be sure to wear some flowers in your profile. 

Frankenstein Is Scary. Old Books With Themes And Stuff Are Scarier.

The Creature Speaks: Why I Still Teach Frankenstein - We all knew JennWillTeach was sassy and irreverent, but apparently she kinda really teaches and knows about books and stuff also. This is the second time reading her literary commentary has made me feel smarter. I thought that was the exact opposite of what literary analysis was supposed to do! "Every chance I get, I will continue teaching Frankenstein because it can still speak to a modern audience... He represents every person society pushes to the fringes; he represents every child seen as not good enough by society; he represents every human made to feel ugly and unlovable. As Mary Shelley quotes in her book, “Did I request thee, Maker, from my clay/To mould me man?” (Paradise Lost, X, 743-744). The creature did not ask to be molded, but it lay in Victor’s hands to help him on a path to creativity or a path to destruction."  

Forget that trick-or-treat nonsense - it's gettin' all human condition up in here. Tweet your pitchforks and torches to @JennWillTeach on the Twitters and maybe she'll do "Puttin' On The Ritz" for you later. #oklaed

Business Types Wanting To 'Help' Education Is Scary. The Government Wanting to 'Help' You 'Teach Correctly' Is Scarier.

Gates Support - Between Rob Miller and myself, we've said far too many nice things about Peter Greene at Curmudgucation lately. Despite that deluge, this was one up on which I could not pass. In this post, Greene ponders the many uses of the term 'support' by money people in reference to educators. 

You keep using that word.


Perhaps he's being unfair. Hitler supported the Sudetenland, Dumbledore supported Harry Potter, and Ronan supported Gamora, right? The key is not to get too hung up on insisting that language maintain a tether to reality. Find a much more orthodox type of 'support' from @palan57 on the Twitters. 

The Unknown Is Scary. The Unknown That Smells Funny Is Scarier.

This Lesson Stinks, Literally. Teaching Sensory Details in Narrative Writing - You know those brilliant ideas that seem so obvious once you've been exposed to them, but you'd have never thought of them yourself? No? That's just... um... that's just me? Well, OK then - but if you had known what I was talking about, this would be one of those. Follow @JackieCatcher on the Twitters and as one of the four regular contributors to Three Teachers Talk. (Look, it's not a math blog - they're English types. It's probably a metaphor or gerund or something. )

Sticking Stuff In Your Ears Is Scary. Sticking Stuff In Your Ears 200 Years Ago Is Scarier.

18th Century Hearing Aids - OK, OK... All Things Georgian isn't normally the sort of thing which makes the weekly highlight reel, nor are they #oklaed. But... I'm so thankful for this site. It's just so... how it is. Read this. It's short. You'll want to marry it and have its babies, I promise. Follow @joannemajor3 and @sarahmurden on the Twitters. You'll feel so cultured in specialized miscellany as a result, and gladly lose yourself there time and again.

Finally, Here's a Golden Moment From Days Gone By (about 75 of them) & Worth A Revisit. It's Not Scary, But Involves People In Costumes, so...

Teach Like an X-Man - Josh Flores at the inexplicably titled draws one of my favorite analogies between teenagers and fictional mutants. I never read the comics, but I love me some X-movies. What if we could help each of our darlings master essential curriculum, sure, but do so while becoming comfortable with their wings, their ability to walk through walls, or the strange way the weather adapts to whatever mood they're in? The line between annoying misfit and superhero is flimsy at best, woulnd't you say? I love this one. Watch Flores mutate on the Twitters at @MrJoshFlores.  #oklaed 

Happy Halloween (almost), if you're into that sort of thing. Be one of the good guys. This life is daunting enough without bad guys. 

We are the Cartoon Super Heroes



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