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Too Much To Do

I know, I know - so much. Too much. All busy. Things doing! Aaarghhghh!

Nonetheless, Here Are A Few Things You Simply SHOULD NOT MISS From Recent Edu-Bloggery...  

Christina TorresThe Long Game: Teaching As A Career, Not Just A Job - Christina Torres, on ChristinaTorres.orgtalks about fighting weariness, staying alert, and maintaining that new teacher mojo even after you've developed veteran teacher chops. 

I am still eager to give my students my best, and I still love my job. But after two years it’s much easier to become complacent with the routine of your classroom. You’re able to read the room better. You run into similar problems and pitfalls from the years before. Yes, the kids are different and wonderful and marvelous in their own way, but it’s easy to rest on your laurels and continue on your merry way down the path you forged for two years.

Just like any relationship, though, I am fighting stagnancy and complacency as much as I can. I don’t want to end up getting so burnt out and bored doing this work that I forget all the reasons I returned to the classroom in the first place...

Torres is one of the most genuine and reflective voices in the blogosphere today. I love everything about her at least twice. Follow @biblio_phile on Twitter and fall in love with her yourself. 

The Zen Teacher2-Minute Zen: What's Your Move? - Dan Tricarico, on The Zen Teacher. If you're not yet familiar with TZT, you're doing everything wrong. The 'Zen' thing is completely legit, but not nearly as weird as you'd hope. 

Instead, Tricarico is ridiculously gifted and making your blood pressure go down and your awareness go up, just by telling you things you kinda already know in ways that sound so natural, but have such impact.

But the question, “What’s the one move I can make right now?” reminds me--in a mindful and present way--that even in a chaotic and overwhelming world, there is always ONE thing I can do. So now that's my question to you: “What’s the one move you can make RIGHT NOW to create some focus, simplicity, and tranquility, either in your classroom or your life (or both!)? 

He's like Guinan's counterpart in this time-space continuum. 

If it sounds like I have a bit of a crush, you're not far wrong. Follow @thezenteacher on Twitter and get your own Zen crush on. What's the matter... chicken?! *makeschickennoises*

Bill FerriterThe Curse Of Our Online Lives - Bill Ferriter, on The Tempered Radical, has a confession to make. He's been keeping up with the Presidential campaigns.

I find myself checking into both my news feeds and my social streams several times a day, waiting for another embarrassing revelation about the candidates. I chew through articles about illegal contributions to personal foundations, seedy relationships with high dollar donors or foreign leaders, appallingly misogynistic statements, and accusations of political manipulation...

The ever-present venom frightens me because it barely resembles the kind of open, honest discourse around controversial ideas that characterizes the strongest democracies. So how can we move forward together when we spend so much time spewing hate at one another?

This is both timely and thoughtful - not a surprise, given the source. Follow @plugusin on Twitter for more timely thoughtfulness and less cursing in your online life. 

Chase MielkeStop the Blame Game: Teaching Students to Take Ownership - Chase Mielke, on Affective Livingtalks real talk about our cultural swamp of blame and distancing ourselves from the least bit of agency in our own daily trudge. I should warn you, though, that while he's certainly not blaming teachers, he won't be letting you off the hook, either. 

You can see the irony should you choose to get all defensive about it. 

A second grader made me cringe the other day. I visited my wife’s class and a girl was showing the class her pictures from a recent soccer tournament. Someone asked how her team did. Her response?

“We got second place. BUT, we actually should have gotten first because the other team cheated and the refs were terrible.”

I cringed. Second grade and she is already building a habit of blaming. I got a dose of depression as I thought about how this blame habit could deepen as she ages...

Check out @chasemielke on Twitter. If you don't, and end up missing something good as a result, that is SO TOTALLY ON YOU. 

That's all this weekend, my #11FF.

Stay focused, stay informed, and go in prepared for those down-ballot candidates and state questions and stuff. They in many ways matter more than whoever ends up winning the President thing that used to be a big deal. 

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