Blue Serials (August 30th, 2015)

You may have noticed that I've been a bit perturbed by bureaucracy and its silly ilk recently. No surprise, then, that this struck me as amusing when I rediscovered it this weekend:

The Process (a.k.a. Designing The Stop Sign Video) - ORIGINAL

Hope springs eternal, however, thanks largely to these golden word-gatherings you may have missed this past week: 

Just One Day At A Time - Life As A Sleeper was one of the first blogs of which I was really aware. Blue Cereal didn't exist and most of my social media activity involved hockey. Audrey is a fellow Dallas Stars fan and knows her stuff - with fervor and attutide, just the way I love it. The first time my wife and I visited Dallas for a game, she was part of a small group who let us hang and made us feel welcome. We walk in very different worlds, but as I became aware of her blog back in the day, I was struck by the balance between how very real she was able to be while still writing well and looking professional. I am now blessed to know many of you for whom this is the norm, but it was new to me. She made quality blogging seem like something real people could do. She was the person I first asked about the logistics, the difficulty, etc., and while I doubt she even remembers who I am, her willingness to answer my stupid questions and encourage my audacity still amazes me. I love this piece. Follow Audrey at @lifeasasleeper on the Twitters.

No Enemies - I was unfamiliar with Mr. Rad's Neighborhood before this week. Tulsa Supt. Deborah Gist tweeted out a link to this post, I happened to see it, and... the magic happened. Mr. Rad here laments our tendency as a profession to seek out enemies and arguments and ditches in which to die when when we have more than enough on our mental and emotional plates already. Perhaps once we've defeated ignorance and swept away pedagogical wickedness in high places, we can go back to bickering over whether that kid from TFA working her *** off in the room next door is the devil in flats and sensible accessories. I have a new #educrush on Mr. Rad and will be following him on his Tumblr, er... thing (I'm old - I don't know how to do the Tumblr or say its things) and on the Twitters at @MrTomRad - you should, too. 

The Drive, Episode #6: Equity - Math and #edtech guru Scott Haselwood continues one of the quirkiest #oklaed series of which I'm aware, as he, well... drives around and talks about what's on his mind this week. I don't really do podcasts or vlogs, but this one has drawn me in for reasons I can't quite put into words. Sure, I started because I like Haselwood and his regular blog, but I don't normally silently stare at men in dark glasses for 10-12 minutes at a time as they discourse. In this installment, he considers the digital divide in its many gradients, and while he refuses to pontificate, asks some very reasonable questions regarding possible solutions. Convoy with Haselwood on the Twitters at @TeachFromHere - and use the restroom before we go. You know how he hates to stop right away. 

First Day Experiment - JennWillTeach is CHARTER #11FF from back in the day, so you know wisdom flows from her loins like golden flakes fly from Midas's fingertips. As she returns to the classroom, she risks and reflects by - get this - WANTING THINKING AND LEARNING ON THE FIRST DAY. More importantly, though, she turns to #BlueCereal Education for wisdom and inspiration. I will never lead you astray, children - I am old, I am wise, I am blue. Follow @JennWillTeach on the Twitters.

And one of my favorites from many years months gone by - quite deserving of another read (perhaps even memorization, or a nice engraving of some sort)...

On Teacher Well-Being: An Introduction - Dan is the real deal. One of the most gracious people with whom I've had the pleasure of interacting. Those of you who know me in person have a hard time imagining even a remote connection between my personality and ANYTHING with 'Zen' in the title, but I read it - I hear it - I own it - I love it. Sometimes I even calm down for a few minutes. Impressive, no? In this post, The Zen Teacher lays out how and why teachers simply MUST look out for and take care of one another. Turns out this is a tough gig. Follow @thezenteacher on the Twitters.

Keep being amazing, children. You are more than you can possibly imagine. 

Spiritual Gorilla

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