Blue Serials (August 23rd, 2015)

The school year is rolling for most of us - a time of renewed optimism combined with that lingering fear that perhaps we should have paid greater heed to warnings regarding mollycoddling:

Nip It In The Bud!

Be Strong, My #11FF - Here, To Help You In Your Journey, Are A Few Essentials You Might Have Overlooked This Past Week...

What They Want Is Our Time - Rebecka Peterson at Epsilon-Delta talks about priorities, perspective, and gratitude as we press forward. I'm beginning to grow rather fond of these math teacher bloggers. I had no idea numerical, calculative types could show such touchy-feely-ness, but they certainly do - they just present it more... logically. TheYou can follow Rebecka on the twitters at @RebeckaMozdeh.

A Fallacy About Teacher Learning - Ilana Horn at Teaching/Math/Culture draws crucial distinctions between 'actions' and 'behavior', calling us out a bit on the usual quality of 'Teacher PD' along the way. Short and poignant, this one will register with far too many people. If you want to be a better person, follow Ilana at @tchmathculture

On Misreading: The Critical Need to Step Back and See Again - The always challenging P.L. Thomas at The Becoming Radical talks about how easily we perceive whatever fits our existing preferences rather than what's actually there - whether we're discusing poetry or talking about edu-policy and kids. And yes, I'm linking to a blog that slams 'growth mindset' the same week I defended it myself. That's what makes it a discussion, right? Otherwise one of us could do all the typing and thousands of others would only need to nod and retweet. What we all SHOULD agree on is following @plthomasEdD on the twitters.

And one of my favorite blasts from the past, worthy of a second (or third, or fourth) look...

Good Luck to the Graduates of Waldo High School - Rob Miller at A View From The Edge, takes up his reciprocating saw of insight to cut through #edreform rhetoric and lambast the cult of standardization. If for some strange reason you don't already, you simply MUST follow Rob on the twitters at @edgeblogger. Trust me on this one - I'm old and wise. 

Barney Fife - Nip It


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