Blue Serials (August 16th, 2015)

It's that time. Much scrambling, preparing, starting, and just... DOING. The school year is upon us!

Dark and Difficult Times Lie Ahead

At such times, it can become difficult to keep up with so many wonderful edu-blogs. There are rumors some of you have even fallen behind reading THIS one! 

Fear not, #11FF - I bring you highlights from this past week or so, just in case you missed them...

At Any Given Moment, We Have The Power To Stop The Hate of Reading - Pernille Ripp of Blogging Through The Fourth Dimension reminds us that while there may be much we can't control, we can certainly take another look at the way we handle assigned reading in our classroom. Heads up - she sounds a bit frustrated. There was one point where I think sarcasm may have been utilized; it was hurtful. No wonder I loved it. Follow @pernilleripp on the Twitters - seriously, you really should. 

Watching the Computer

Are You A Committed Sardine? - Rob Miller claims he's been blogging lite this summer over at A View From The Edge, but he sure keeps hitting the proverbial nail on the rhetorical head and driving it right through the two-by-four of inertia and into the, er... particle board of poor assumptions with his... um... pithy hammer of truth. It probably works so well partly because he doesn't try to overwork his analogies like some people I know. Instead, he's inculcating a rebellious spirit through a study in sardines. You can (and should) find him on Twitter as @edgeblogger.

The Great Desk Debate - Jennifer Williams, Twitter's infamous @JennWillTeach, has finally joined the blogosphere at This week she tackles an issue I didn't think I even cared about, but in a way that represents so much of the silliness of our 'silver bullet' mentality in #edreform. Spoiler Alert - Jenn doesn't think getting rid of your desks is that single glorious switch, that magical adjustment, that revolutionizes the impact of public education in the worlds of all children, everywhere.  

Three Traits of the Best Principals - I'm generally suspicious of anything whose titles include 'Always', 'Never', 'Best', 'Must', or Numbered Lists (even my own), but this brief reflection by Bill Ferriter, the Tempered Radical, is well-worth the few minutes it will take you to read it. I actually find it rather encouraging, as it reminds me how fortunate I am to have the admins I do. (Let's, um... let's just keep that last part between us - I don't need them getting too cocky about it.)

And just to wrap things up nicely, here's a blast from the past worthy of a second (or third, or fourth) look...

Closing the Educator Equity Gap (May 2015) - "Here's a classroom with no roof over it. Maybe it collapsed and nobody wanted to fix it. Maybe we saved money by never building it in the first place. But every time it rains, the water pours right into the classroom and the teacher and the students get soaked. 'Well, there's your problem,' says some bureaucratic wizard. 'The students are wet because the teacher is wet. Get a dry teacher in there and everything will be super-duper.'"

If for some strange reason you don't follow Peter Greene and Curmudgucation, you need to get on that. Otherwise, you totally don't even love the children, the future, or America. 

Have an amazing week.

Strictly Ballroom


Thank you for the strong mention, my friend. I absolutely loved your analogy, by the way! I also agree with you on the other posts--all wonderful additions to the discussion.


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