Blue Cereal Celebration: Out With The Old...

BCE MugI've discovered the last few BCE #11FF Steaming Hot Nectar Receptacles. There are a few more than I'd realized, but far fewer than demanded by the adoring masses.

Never let it be said that we don't suffer in the 21st century.

You may have noticed a new banner logo on the website. It was time for a change, and I like the part where I can't be sued for using it without permission.

I'm quite in love with it, actually. 

That means it's time to ship the remaining #11FF mugs to the final group of winners for this particularly coveted item. Here's all you have to do...

Between now and the end of Blue Cereal Celebration Week (Saturday 3/19/16 at Midnight), find and promo your favorite posts or other pages from the BCE website. Tweet them, Facebook them, get them shown during the previews at your favorite drive-in, whatever - but make sure you tag me or otherwise let me know so I can add your name to the queue. The use of the official #11FF hashtag is strongly encouraged as well.

Unfair preference will be shown to those of you who comment on the link as you send it, or otherwise personalize it in a "I didn't just click the 'share' button" way.

Flattery and even outright kissing-up are not merely tolerated, but encouraged.

There's also a very real chance I'll rig the contest in favor of anyone pushing out something I'd forgotten I liked, or something that doesn't always receive the same attention as my vitriol and obscenities over current events. 

BCE Magnet

Once these are gone, the first wave of Blue Cereal #11FF memorabilia is complete. The second wave begins next week with the Brand New, Classroom-Ready, TLE-Proof, BCE #11FF Pedagogy Protection 5"x7" High Quality Magnetized Magnet.

Administration observing you? New teachers sitting in on your classroom? Parents concerned about a lesson you taught or a strategy you use, or even a grade you gave their little boo-boo?

Just point to the magnet and nod - slowly, but confidently. You pass, all 4's, discussion over, thanks for coming. 

Looking for a new gig somewhere they hate teachers less? Or simply trying to persuade your local legislator that you're not a complete idiot standing alongside the highway of life with a 'Will Teach for Food' sign?

Point to the magnet.

Students challenging your classroom management? Whining about the subject matter or all that thinking you're making them do? Maybe your principal is trying to interrupt your class for another $#%& assembly?

The magnet.

You're gonna want one of these. You're gonna want it bad

But first things first - let's take a few more days and talk about how wonderful I am. We'll get to you next week, I promise.

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