Blue Cereal Celebration: Forgotten Favorites

The Blue Cereal Celebration Continues!

Cared ForA few days ago I shared the Top 10 most-viewed pages of my prestigious two-years of bloggery and webbifying. It was magical for all of us, I believe.

Sadly, not every post is a viral sensation. One of the tragedies of this mortal coil is that some of my favorite pieces never really gained much traction. Perhaps I failed to fully communicate what I intended, or perhaps the subjects simply didn't resonate with enough readers. Maybe they just sucked.

Nevertheless, I remember them fondly. Now you can, too.

My Five Favorite Posts Not In The Top 10... or Top 50... or Top 89...

The JerkAll I Need Is This Lamp... (3/27/14) - My second post ever, and the first to garner attention and kind words from some of the legit bloggers (I believe Rob Miller was the first to share it - I nearly wet myself.) While a bit under-developed by later standards, I like it's point and what I was going for. It's also the fist time I incorporated primary sources, something that never does catch on but which I so thoroughly enjoy it's not likely to stop any time soon. Plus, there's a clip from "The Jerk" - a trifecta of blogging potential. 

Tortoise and HareUseful Fictions, Part II - The Stories We Tell Ourselves (5/3/14) - I used to end up doing these multi-part series on a theme... while there are things I liked about that, in retrospect I wonder if they're indicative of my inability to get to the point as much as anything. My eleventeen part series on 'useful fictions' had potential, however - enough to justify recreating them after the Russian attack in November 2014.

This particular post is the first time I remember a peer from my mostly real life - someone much smarter and better looking than me - bringing up something I'd written and complimenting it. I believe she told me she'd used it with her teachers during a workshop. It was an experience I'm thankful to have enjoyed with a variety of folks smarter and better looking than me since then, and it never ceases to be far more gratifying than wealth or fame.

I assume. I'd be willing to try wealth and fame just to compare, but I'm still pretty sure the results would be the same.

Koko the GorillaKoko The Gorilla (7/7/14) - The next two posts on this 'Forgotten Favorites' list involve striving to understand or express things beyond ourselves and our previous experiences. Ironically, that may be why they didn't quite catch on - I may have been reaching beyond what I had the talent to express. But so be it - this is still one of my all-time favorites of anything I've written. I'm ridiculously proud of it whether anyone else ever gets it or not. 

That's the great thing about getting old (what, you don't think two years is ancient in blogger years?) - you can just think what you think and say what you say. For instance: "Bite me, Jay."

Fables of the ReconstructionLearning R.E.M. (9/15/15) - This post wasn't really about R.E.M. Well, OK - it was, but not really about them so much as it was about my learning how to listen to R.E.M. and how dramatically that changed everything else forever on every level in every realm. 

Which sounds a bit overstated, I guess. But that's what was tricky about this post.

I wanted to use my experience with a very different kind of music to explore the challenge of exposing students to great literature, or history, or mathy-sciency things, in ways that drag them into the light just enough for the natural awesomeness of knowlege-beauty-truth-chasing-learn-wanting to take hold. It doesn't happen easily, or often, but that's kinda what we're always going for, isn't it? I thought?

Exactly one month later, I wrote what was in many ways the exact same post with something that hadn't become life-altering for me, but instead was a big deal to one of my students. I thought that time maybe I'd nailed it, but to this day it has less than 100 views of over 30 seconds. That's not a complaint, it's just interesting.

Unlike the post, apparently.

UrinalsLet's Talk About Urinals (11/22/15) - This one was fairly recent, meaning it received more attention than earlier posts (I'm blessed to have quite a few more followers than not long ago), but I'd still hoped it would do more than it did. In my childish, yet sophisticated, internal rubric, it's the perfect balance of catchy title, abrasive humor, and actual analysis of current edu-foolery - in this case, our tendency to substitute grandstanding and rhetoric for actual change or improvement. 

If you're willing to pretend there's something on this site you believe to be underrated and worthy of international acclaim, and you're willing to Tweet it out or Facebook it - and tag me so I notice - I still have a very few coveted #11FF mugs left which I'm getting rid of THIS WEEK. They can't be bought, except with flattery and schmoozing - just ask anyone who already has one. 



I liked the "Let's Talk about Urinals" post. Maybe it's because I live in a house with all boys, but I thought it was well written and funny. I just reread it and the ending still makes me laugh. Enjoy celebrating your blog's birthday week. Well deserved.


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