Blue Cereal Celebration: Can't Win Them All

Can't Reach

It's very rude of real life to have demanded so much of my time and attention this week. I'd hoped to be far more self-absorbed and celebratory.

We may have to add a second week...

By nature of my own narcissism, I'm mostly celebrating the positives and the wins of the past two years. But we're closer than that, my Eleven Faithful Followers. Honest. Real. Co-delusional. 

Sometimes my aspirations outreach my ability. While I've learned the importance of sleeping on a 'final draft' before editing the crap out of it again the next morning, there are also times I realize that if I don't hit 'publish' it's just not going to happen. 

Sometimes you just have to step off the ledge, whether there's a bridge there or not. 

Here are five posts I really wanted to work. They may not have become all I'd hoped for them upon conception, but I still like what I was going for. I talk a good game to my students or anyone else taking risks in which they believe - I can't keep that up unless I'm occasionally willing to do the same myself. 

Dear Student of ColorDear Student of Color... (11/21/14) - That past few years have been quite the awakening for me in terms of just how violent, ignorant, sexist, and racist-hateful-delusional we are as a people. Watching the mental and rhetorical backflips practiced so gleefully by so many in order to feel good about beating up and killing black kids, well... it was sobering. And depressing as hell.

This was my first real effort to process that in writing. It was therapeutic, but never seemed to resonate with anyone outside of myself - which I was eventually O.K. with. 

Not at first, but eventually.

#WhiteSilence, Teacher Edition (1/16/15) - A few months later, still on a steep learning curve when it came to race and privilege, I was trying to understand... things. This one probably should have stayed in the 'Drafts' folder until I had a better idea where I was going with it, but sometimes going live isn't about the piece being ready so much as just... needing to. So I did.

This one is genuinely not very good. Kids, if someone as gifted and daring as Blue can stumble, it's OK for you to take risks as well. You're... you're welcome. 

Revival (8/17/14) - This one wasn't risky so much as a bit preachy and rambling. Some of the themes I've revisited with more success since then, others not so much.

This was nearing the six-month mark of the new blog, and I was still finding my voice. The voice in this post wasn't what I was going for - it's more like me after a few beers sitting across the table from someone very good at getting me to talk too much.

I do like the comparison of public education and religious outreach - while not the same, they have much in common, I think.

Stars HockeyOf Hockey Bias and Edu-Paradigms (10/17/15) - I may have been too close to this one to be objective. I also suspect that anytime I mention hockey, or music, or any other specific about which readers aren't personally passionate, I lose the masses before my larger point fully manifests. That's on me as the writer, of course, but it hasn't seemed to stop me from doing it - repeatedly.

I thought I was making a pithy point about perspective and relationship and perception. I think I just seemed to ramble about hockey. I can live with either.

Waiting To Follow The Worms (3/2/16) - I know, crazy recent, right? One benefit of having done this for a while is that I'm not as regularly surprised by what works and what doesn't. This one was difficult to write, partly because it was rather personal and partly because I was insecure the entire time that I sounded melodramatic and a bit foolish. It was also nearly twice as long in draft form, which is never a good thing. 

There are things I really like in this one, and I'm glad I posted it, but I knew when I hit 'publish' that it wasn't exactly going viral or doing what I wish I had the power to do. But I'm OK with that most days, and I'm beyond appreciative that you are, too. 

This week of Blue Cereal Celebration is rapidly drawing to a close, and we haven't talked about magnets or my personal favorite posts of all time forever hallelujah yay. Hmmm... I'd better get on that.

BCE Magnet

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