BCE #11FF Lunchbox Giveaway

Two Littles Demonstrate Wisdom

We’ll keep fighting over politics, and arguing about policies, and – if things go particularly well – debating the relative merits of fake news over the merely slanted. Whatever else this coming year will bring, it is unlikely to be predictable. Or boring. Or even remotely in keeping with the ideals envisioned by the Framers. 

BUT (and I have a big BUT), in the meantime, we have kids to teach, jobs to do, and blogging to promote. With that in mind, I bring you…

The Blue Cereal #11FF Lunchbox Giveaway Extravaganza!!!

Meghan Loyd Lunchbox

Between now and January 1st, 2017, I’ll be giving away two of these coveted rarities each week to qualifying #11FF.

What’s #11FF? It’s a hashtag referencing my ‘Eleven Faithful Followers’ – a term coined in the early days of this blog when I hoped to someday reach up to a dozen or so readers. It’s now used to more generally refer to anyone joining the cause, in part or in whole.

Swisher Goes To Lunch

What do you have to do?

Share a link to something you find interesting or useful on Blue Cereal Education. Blog posts, new or old. Classroom strategies. Document Activities. Reading Lists. The initial chapters to that book I’ll never write, Well, OK Then… Anything you think might demonstrate your wisdom and insight for having shared it. Tweet the link with an appropriate comment from you, or post it to your Facebook wall with similar framing. Tag me or contact me to let me know, and you go into the potential winners’ cyberpot. 

Preference will be given to those who personalize the tweet or FB post rather than simply retweeting or sharing – although retweets and shares are appreciated as well. Self-promotion requires sacrifice, kids – on your part, I mean. I don’t personally like to be troubled with such things. 

BCE Lunchbox Angie Taylor

Each weekend I’ll randomly select two winners. You’ll be announced, contacted, and your #11FF Special Edition Lunch Receptacle will soon be on the way! Once you’ve received it and taken the appropriate pics (at least some of which should be clothes ON), you’ll be added to the #11FF page and have official #11FF Elitist status to flaunt in front of your friends or to justify that condescending tone you take with people who just don’t get it. 

It will be GREAT!

KB Looking Good For Lunch

There will be no giveaways in January. Very likely none in February. You want lunch bling, the time is NOW. 

What are you waiting for?

Looking Simply Too Good


BCE #11FF Lunchbox Winners for the week ending 11/20/16:

Scott Haselwood - @TeachFromHere (Twitter)

A.J. Ceniceros - @OnTheBruteSquad (FB)

Next Random Selection: 11/27/16 !!!

So the Holiest of Cows this Week! What wonderful participation - I nearly had a... a... moment, until I realized we're all out of school for a few days and suddenly everyone has time for the Twitters and the Facebooking.

Still - many yays. 

Because particpation was so high, the spirits suggested I go a little crazy this week and choose ONE winner for each DAY (a total of seven, for those of you whose cultures do such things differently). I find it's best - especially around the holidays - to pay heed to the spirits when they speak. 

And so... This Week's Winners:

Amanda Smith - @manders416 (Twitter) 

Tom McDonald - @tmcdon3051 (Twitter)

Shannon Troxel (FB)

Faith Bilbruck (FB)

Pernille Ripp - @pernilleripp (Twitter)

Holt ELA George - @holtelageorge (Twitter)

Jennifer Gonzalez - @cultofpedagogy (Twitter)

Those not chosen stay in the hopper, so you may still win. You should, of course, feel free to improve your chances by continually sharing and promoting all things Blue Cereal. THANK YOU!

Sure, there's a certain joy that comes with giving. But there's a much BIGGER joy that comes from winning!

This weeks #11FF Lunchbox Winners are:

Suzanne Sutton (@TheMsSutton)

Brokelahoma Teacher (@douthitta)

Rhonda Hlavaty (@APTeacher813)

Tom Rademacher (@MrTomRad)

If you've shared, but haven't won, your name is still in the mix. Then again, it never hurts to keep sharing all things Blue Cereal. It looks good for me, and even BETTER for YOU! 

The season is getting busier, the air drier and colder, and the #11FF elitier and elitier! (This is the Age of Trump - go ahead and tell me that's not a word. Can you PROVE it? HA! That's what I thought!)

There are only a few short weeks left in the BCE #11FF Lunchbox Giveaway. Don't go into the New Year bathed in shame. Share the bejeebies out of Blue Cereal and you won't even NEED Santa this year - you'll have a Blue Cereal Specialized Nutrition Case!

This Week's Winners:

John Bennett (no, not the evil legislator of the same name - the GOOD John Bennett)

Dani Moses

Lara Searcy

Orange Rex

Congrats All 'Round!!!

I'm not really a math person, but the way I count it, there are only TWO WEEKS LEFT FOR YOU TO WIN. There will be NOT GIVEAWAYS after that - at least not for several months. 

That being said, the sharing and retweetery this past week has been AMAZING - thank you! I make your timeline or FB feed much wiser and wittier, and you make me look popular with all the cool kids. That's a win all 'round.

This Week's Winners:

Rhonda Harlow (FB & Twitter - @RhondaHarlow)

Steffie Corcoran (Twitter - @steffiecorcoran)

Brooke Baumann (Twitter - @msbrookebauman)

Jason Perez (Twitter - @JasonPerez75)

Larry Sadler (FB)

Ashley Cooksey (Twitter - @AshleyCooksey2)

Cari Nation (Twitter - @cari_nation)

And Special Celebrity Edition Lifetime Achievement Something-Or-Other Special Thanks Winners (all of whom actually met the requirements as well, b/c they're cool like that):

Rick Cobb (FB & Twitter - @OKEducation)

Rob Miller (FB & Twitter - @edgeblogger)

Deborah Gist (Twitter - @deborahgist)

Joy Hofmeister (Twitter - @joy4ok) *raisesfistinsolidarity* 

Thank you all, and keep making Social Media worth existing. Oh, and Happy Holi-Xmas Days and such!

Love means honesty, even when it's uncomfortable - and I'm about to share some love. Far too many of you let the holiday interfere with promoting and celebrating ME! Blue Cereal! The Meaning of the Tweeting! The Mosting of the Posting! The -

You know what? It's a season of forgiveness and new beginnings. Let's just... let it go. Put it behind us, like we hope to do with all of 2016 soon. Instead of bitterness and justifiable outrage, let's celebrate the faithful with this week's #11FF Lunch Box Winners!

Brett Thomas Hill - @thebretthill 

Drew Price - @drewprice11

Ali Collins - @AliMCollins

Peter Anderson - @MrAndersonELA 

There's ONE WEEK LEFT - one last single week in which you can join the elite. Let's get on that, shall we? Ne sense starting 2017 racked by guilt and failure. 

That's it. It's over. No more lunchboxes for you! 

Well, except for these final lucky winners:

Lindsey Persing (FB)

Michelle Martinez (FB & @miCh3lleeee)

Snarky Cindy (who probably has a real name as well, but to me is mostly @SnarkyCindy)

Hadiqa (who also probably has a fuller name, but is enough of a presence as @hadiqamo)

Sarah Pradhan (@partyofsarah - whose blog goes live TOMORROW - 1/2/17 - http://partyofsarah.com/ - you can also fall in love with her at https://www.facebook.com/partyofsarah - I'm telling you, folks, you want to get to know this one. She's magical in at LEAST seventeen ways.)

Have a great new year, and thanks for playing. The #11FF slideshow video will be up before the end of this week. Get ready for the envy of the masses - it will be almost suffocating. 

Which is AWESOME for US. 


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