October 2016

I Read The News Today, Oh Boy... (10/9/16)

I'm not actually all that horrified by a 21st century government executive issuing a call for strictly denominational prayer on behalf of private industry. Using the power of the state on behalf of a narrow band of acceptable theology and sacrificing all else on the altar of our fiscal overlords is alarmingly normal in Oklahoma these days.

I find it more interesting all the things that HAVEN'T merited a call for prayer on her part...

A Wall of Separation - Agostini v. Felton (1997)

ABC JesusIn 1985, the Supreme Court heard a case from NYC in which public school teachers were being sent into parochial schools to provide remedial education to disadvantaged students. It was decided in Aguilar v. Felton (1985) that this created an excessive entanglement of church and state, violating the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment as applied to the states via the Fourteenth.

Twelve years later, the Court changed its mind.

Collaboration: Popular Buzz Word, Under-Utilized (Guest Blogger: Lisa Hunt)

I’ve issued an open call for guest bloggers for the month of October. Partly this is just to break things up, and partly it's because I'll be doing my best to finish strong on #OKElections16. 

There are few if any limits on topic or length – I merely ask for basic decency and sincerity. It’s ideal if you disagree with me about something, but given how difficult that is to do once basking in Blue, it’s not a requirement. I'm looking for other voices - whatever the angle or passion in play.