February 2016

Blue Serials (2/14/16)

Happy Forced Affection Day! 

Yet another faux consumerist holiday built on male terror of 'getting it wrong' (or is that just me?) To be fair, it's also a wonderful opportunity to belittle those without a 'significant other' and suggest they're in some way inadequate or doing life badly based on our cultural need to demand reproductive rituals of all 320 million of our neighbors right damn now!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - Response to Purcell's Edu-Blogger Challenge

You might think that these open ‘Edu-Blogger Challenges’ could be received as a task, or a distraction. I find most of them quite the opposite.

The freedom that comes in being asked questions or assigned a topic and a word limit may be paradoxical, but it’s freedom nonetheless.