November 2015

Blue Serials (11/8/15)

Xmas Too EarlyIt IS coming... sooner than you think. We're past Fall Break, the new has worn off, the time has changed, and things just seem to get busier and busier. Sure, we MEANT to keep up with our online teacher friends and we bookmarked those edu-blogs to read, but...

No worries. I got you. It's what I do. Here are the "Shouldn't Miss" posts from #oklaed and beyond this past week or two...

History Songs

Hamilton MusicalEven when we have the purest intentions, capturing the past – be it events long gone or the shifting shaping swirling of our own experiences – is an undertaking both elusive and unfair. Perhaps it’s a blessing to work from a scarcity of information; the impossibility of conveying the richness of the better-known may prove far more daunting.