October 2015

What's Next, #EdReform?

Wile E. CoyoteIf there are crappy educators hiding all ‘round us, who need to be identified and repaired or removed, as part of an overall plan to improve public education, what do we do when we’ve removed the bad ones?

If you said “replace them with good ones,” you lose. Even under the current system of supposedly no standards or accountability, we’re unable to fill something like a billion teaching positions in Oklahoma alone. We're running rather short on teacher-types. Any teacher types. Any at all.

Blue Serials (October 4th, 2015)

PelicansFall is falling, teachers keep teaching, life keeps doing whatever life does, and even though bloggers are bloggering, you may have missed something good this week. No worries, my Eleven Faithful Followers (#11FF) - I'm here with essential highlights and thoughtful framings. Besides, it helps reduce the amount of new content I actually have to create myself to keep this blog active.

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Wiz Book CoverIn 1900, L. Frank Baum published The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, a children’s book he wasn’t convinced would do particularly well – not compared to his fabulous Mother Goose and Father Goose collections a few years prior. Turns out it was a hit, and spawned multiple stage versions – usually musicals – and thirteen written sequels by Baum.

It was also turned into one very odd black and white silent film in 1925, directed by and starring a man with the very unfortunate name “Larry Semon.” Egads.