Why Are You Posting This Stuff?

Dammit JanetIt's inherently vain to post lesson ideas, particulary those including thoughts on how to teach something in this or that situation. Anyone interested enough to even browse this section of the website already does many things better than me and even more stuff of which I've never even thought. And yet...

When I have teachers share their own 'best ideas' in workshops, they usually hate the part where they're sharing, but love the part where other people are demonstrating what they do. Sometimes new teachers just need some 'seed' ideas to get going, or to add some variety to their relatively young toolbox. I'm also hoping that eventually others will send their ideas, or suggest variations of these, or otherwise contribute.

Napoleon Dynamite talks about skills

There are tons of sites with lesson plan ideas out there, but they're pretty Elementary School heavy. Others are just... well, not my thing. I have no reason to think this site will be any better or more useful than those - but there's only one way to find out, eh?

Most of these lean Social Studies / ELA heavy, although that's an expression of my personal limitations rather than my intent. I'd love to hear from you if you have anything you'd like to add. Keep in mind that while all teacher ideas are recycled variations of other teachers, I probably won't post anything someone I don't know has already created and posted elsewhere online. To simply cut'n'paste from someone else's site would seem... tacky.

Finally, while I work with a variety of teachers on behalf of various entities, I don't have the 'rights' to specific terminology or materials from Pre-AP/AP, Common Core, AVID, McGuffey's Readers, etc.  I make every effort to avoid violating anyone's intellectual property or cute lil' icons, although I'm generally reckless about cutting and pasting visuals from around the internet without a clue as to appropriate permissions. Let me know if you feel violated as a result.