Valentine’s Day (MLR-5)

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love. You get gifts and candy to put in a little basket etc. But the real question is why do we celebrate it? Valentine’s Day is celebrated because on February 15th the Romans celebrated the feast of Lupercalia, a spring festival. The holiday was moved to February 14th, the saint day that celebrated several early Christian martyrs named Valentine.

Every February 14th, people would send gifts, candy, and flowers to their loved ones. This is because of saint Valentine. Who exactly is this saint? It’s a mystery and we know that February has been celebrated as the month of love. The Catholic Church recognizes different Valentines or Valentinus. People believe that Valentine was a priest who served during the third century in Rome.

Emperor Claudius II strongly believed that single men were better soldiers than married men and outlawed marriage for young men. Valentine ignored Claudius and continued to let young couples get married. Claudius was angry with Valentine for continuing to perform marriage on young couples so what do you think he did? Yeah, wanted him to be put to death.

Others don’t think the only reason he was killed was because he did not do what Claudius wanted, but also because he helped Christians escape harsh Roman prisons. One of the Valentine’s was in prison and sent the first “valentine” to a woman who visited him during his confinement who might have been his jailer's daughter. Turns out this woman was blind and he performed a miracle on her.

We really don’t know why Valentine’s Day is in February but some believe because we celebrate this day to commemorate the anniversary of Valentine’s death which probably happened around 270 A.D. Or to “Christianize” the pagan celebration Lupercalia. At the end of the fifth century, Lupercalia was outlawed “un-christian”. I think valentine greetings today aren’t popular, but back then they were. They didn’t appear until after 1400. A written poem, by Charles, Duke of Orleans, was sent to his wife. Today poems still exist.

The United States was not the only one that celebrated Valentine’s Day. Its celebrated in Canada, Mexico, UK, France, and Australia.

The Romans were drunks. The day of the Lupercalia, men would sacrifice a goat and a dog, then whip women with the hides of the animals they just slain. Women would line up for men to hit them and men drew names of the women from a jar. I thought valentine’s day was suppose to be romantic? I don’t know how beating up on women is romantic but they have their ways.

There is also a Galatin’s Day, which is confusing for some because they sound similar. Galatin meant “lover of women”. In the fourteenth century was when the Lupercalia become associated with love. Chaucer was the first to link valentine’s day with romance.

Remember when you were in grade school and had to bring enough valentines for the whole class.Or if men don’t buy their wives something they will hear about it until next year. People just like receiving gifts, all there is to it. Originally valentine’s day was celebrated because of the Lupercalia and the death of valentine and yeah some love. But if you really love someone you shouldn’t just buy them roses on valentine's day or do something nice for them on valentine’s day, you should do it any day of the year, doesn’t matter when.

February 14th, 1929,  in Chicago seven men associated with the with the Irish gangster, George Moran, were shot to death by men dressed up as policemen. What was this? The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. The massacre was between the Irish American gang and the South Side Italian gang. Al Capone was the leader of the South Side Italian gang and this massacre was never officially linked to Capone.  1924-1930 Chicago got a widespread of violence and lawlessness. This was during the Prohibition era and Al Capone made a lot of money from this, $60 million. His net worth in 1927 was $100 million.

Capone’s long time enemy, George Moran, ran his bootleg operations out of a garage on the North Side of Chicago, 2122 North Clark Street. Capone’s men went into the garage and acted like they were arresting Moran’s men. No one was ever brought to trial for this. The conflict between these two gangs were because of the alcohol.

Other events on Valentine’s Day:

Captain James Cook was also killed on valentine’s day in 1779. Oregon becomes a state in 1859. Battle of Kettle Creek in 1779, 400 patriots launched a surprise attack on a band of nearly 800 loyalists from North and South Carolina. Jimmy Hoffa was born on Valentine’s Day in 1913.  Jimmy Hoffa was from Brazil, Indiana.  Arizona becomes a state on Valentine’s Day in 1912.

When you hear of Cupid you think or hearts and arrows, this is associated with valentine’s day in the modern era. Before he was Cupid, the Greeks knew his as Eros, god of love.

“The parliament of fowls”;  “ for this was on St. Valentine’s Day, when every fowl cometh to choose his mate.” All cultures that celebrate valentine's day celebrate different and have different traditions. Like Japan where the women give the men chocolate and gifts.

Valentine’s day to me is a waste. You know why, well of course you don’t so… This happens once a year, and i just don’t understand the point of buying stuff for your boyfriend or girlfriend ages 15-18. People now are all extra and go spend $100 on someone who you won’t even be with for that long. Men typically spend more money than women on valentine's day. Men spend up to $71 and women $40.2 but they are single, and spend money on friends. Since it’s 2017 you got to buy gifts for your furry friends cause they are just so cute.

Statistics show that most common gifts purchased for valentine’s day is chocolate, jewelry, roses, dinner for two, and champagne. Americans spend a lot of money on valentine’s day, $19.7 billion. Most “relationships” aren’t, kids now or even young adults will get with someone just for a valentine or to receive gifts. There are 119 single men who are in their 20s for every 100 single women of the same age.

904 is the number of dating service establishments nationwide as of 2002. 2.2 million marriages are in the U.S. and more than 6,000 decrease a day.

Valentine was born in Terni, Italy in 226 AD.

I will finish with Valentine’s prayer;

“Dear Lord, who art high in the Heavens,

Giver of Love and Passion,

And He who strings the heart's cords,

Lead the Lovers this day, February ten plus four.

The day during the month of two,

When the date is the perfect number of God

Greater two souls and two hearts.

Some Loves are fleeting ,

But that which is built on you will never fail.

So guide the Lovers to know what is to be. 

Your truths the Lovers' mouths should speak,

For Your truth is that which is honest to the heart.

Only this, then, should pass over the red lips of the Lovers.

Your art, the Lovers simply a medium.

It is only with True Hearts that You can create a Masterpiece,

So let the Lovers remember that their Soul's Desire

Is the one for which You light their Fire.

And let it be You who creates the Art of the Lovers;

The art of two into one Amen.”

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