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Seven Reasons You Probably Don't Suck (For Teachers)

Many of us are returning without much idea what we’ll be doing in class this week. Maybe you feel behind again, and have big plans for getting things ‘back on track.’ Or maybe all that stuff you were gonna do better this year has already kinda fizzled, and you’re just hanging on until term ends. Some of you are excited about seeing your kids again – which is weird. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for you… but it’s still seriously weird. 

So maybe you’re optimistic, or maybe you’re sad break is over, or maybe… Maybe you don’t actually know anymore. 

Play That Funky Music (7 Steps Of Professional Growth)

Wild Cherry CoverMy ELA comrades are fond of discussing ‘universal themes’ and ‘common plots’ in literature and in life. I can’t speak to every book ever written, but I will confess I have a much better idea of who’s going to die and who’s going to betray the hero in any decent sci-fi or superhero movie now that I’ve sat in on a few literature classes.

Talk About The Passion (Guest Blogger: Kristen Perkins)

I’ve issued an open call for guest bloggers for the month of October and through Election Day, but this post didn't come from that call - it came from Facebook.

Some of you remember Facebook - it's where people not on Twitter talk about things, but with more puppies and fake news sites mixed in. The funny thing is, there are some quality folks writing there who still don't blog or even tweeterize. Go figure! 

Hetalia: Axis Powers (Toast With A Big Boot!)

Hetalia2It wasn’t a question of whether I liked it or didn’t so much as my having no idea what the crap monkey flight pink was going on. It was fast, and loud, and grating, and musical, and soft, and allegorical, and funny, and satirical, and juvenile, and multi-layered, and – and then suddenly the first episode was over.

I should watch a few more. FOR THE CHILDREN.

Learning R.E.M.

Fables of the ReconstructionR.E.M. was writing about strangely familiar experiences in enigmatic ways and with more complex emotions than I was prepared to understand. They used their words and their instruments very differently from either ‘classic rock’ OR the Osmonds, and it wasn’t easy to get my brain around. Partly I simply lacked the exposure and intellect to be easily reached by their art; mostly I lacked the motivation - until other considerations nudged me through.