Sally Kern

I Read The News Today, Oh Boy... (5/15/16)

Try Not To Cry

Sometimes your mind and your emotions reach a point that they click 'off' as a sort of survival mechanism. That's what happened to me this week as I sat at Mom's Family Diner (41st & Mingo. Oh My-Baby-Elvis-in-a-Manger IS IT GLORIOUS!) catching up on the week's news.

Clearly I should have been drinking something stronger than coffee. Then again, it was 6:30 in the morning.

I'm Not Sure 'Local Control' Is A Good Idea

Fox DynastyI hate to be difficult.

Actually, that’s not true – I enjoy being difficult sometimes. It’s how I learn, and how I try to force others to acknowledge problems they might not otherwise address, or clarify my own thinking regarding issues I find important.  In this case, I’m very much hoping those more insightful than me will explain why I’m completely and totally mistaken.