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Things You Can Do

StressIt’s easy to feel completely and totally whipped by events beyond our immediate control these days. I’ve had to walk away from social media and all forms of legit news – local, national, or foreign – for days at a time, just to find the energy to function and do the stuff “real life” needs me to do.

Seven Reasons You Probably Don't Suck (For Teachers)

Many of us are returning without much idea what we’ll be doing in class this week. Maybe you feel behind again, and have big plans for getting things ‘back on track.’ Or maybe all that stuff you were gonna do better this year has already kinda fizzled, and you’re just hanging on until term ends. Some of you are excited about seeing your kids again – which is weird. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for you… but it’s still seriously weird. 

So maybe you’re optimistic, or maybe you’re sad break is over, or maybe… Maybe you don’t actually know anymore. 

Ten Truths For The Overwhelmed Student

Miyagi I hear you're feeling a bit overwhelmed with school - and maybe with life, too. Fortunately, I'm old and wise, and maybe I can help. 

Normally I'd start by asking you what's on your mind, or what you think is causing your difficulties. Being as how this is a blog, however, and a bit... one-directional, I'll just skip to the wisdom and insight. It applies most of the time anyway. 

Why Kids Learn (a.k.a 'The Seven Reasons Every Teacher Must Know WHY Kids Learn!')

To Save Time

I’ve been in the classroom for 16 years and doing this blog for about 18 months. I don’t have a Master’s Degree in anything, nor am I pursuing one. I don’t like most edu-books and haven’t done independent research on how or why kids learn or don’t. I consider myself thus supremely qualified to write on this topic.

There will be no footnotes.