Looking Back (A Year Of Twitching & Twittering)

So another year is concluded, and I'm once again doing my best to focus on things I might control, might impact, might get right from time to time. Clearly my game-changing influence on state politics didn't turn out to be very impressive. 

I thought by way of purging myself, though, I might look back and see how much carrying on I actually did on the topic of the Oklahoma Legislature this past year - and, um... well, it was a lot. 

Blue Serials (2/8/17)

BooberryI haven't been doing the weekly wrap-ups recently. I'm never quite sure whether anyone reads them, despite the consistently high quality of the goodies within!

But there's simply been TOO MUCH quality edu-bloggery lately not to compile it and celebrate a bit. If you've been busy, or distracted by national shenanigans, or tuned out after the elections, this might be a good time to tune back in for a bit. 

Mo Money Mo Problems: House Bills 1400 and 1401 (Guest Post: Rep. John Montgomery, HD62)

NOTE: Rep. John Montgomery was elected to represent HD-62 (Comanche, think "West of Lawton") in 2014 and re-elected this past November. I consider him a friend to #oklaed and a decent guy all 'round. He's also unexpectedly amusing when he's mocking me privately on social media. Like, he's REALLY good at it. That's rare.

Not the mocking part - I get that a LOT. But being good at it - THAT'S a gift. 

Bills, Bills, Bills (Silver Lining Edition)

I’m not known for the sunshine I spread or my rainbow-themed unicorn farm. I’m surrounded by edu-bloggers in Oklahoma and beyond who are both smarter and more experienced than myself, and I’m under no illusions about the role I play.

But I do believe in being pragmatic. Having spent most of 2016 burning energy I didn’t have promoting the so-called ‘Teacher Caucus’ and related issues in #OKElections16, and having had slightly less than zero impact (the pro-education newbies who won were the handful I’d never gotten around to writing about), I’d like to try to find approaches that might, you know… work.

Stupid, Lazy Third Graders

Watching bits and pieces of the DeVos confirmation hearings this past week, I couldn't help but feel a bit nostalgic. While most semi-rational viewers were wondering how one could even consider putting someone in charge of education who understands so little about it, openly despises those involved in it, and shows no interest in learning more (and who will certainly not tolerate informed dissent), those of us in #OklaEd were wondering how it took the rest of the country so long to try it.

I'll Support Vouchers If You'll Support Parent Choice (Repost)

School ChoiceI think it’s a shame the way so many voucher proponents are so staunchly against parent choice. Oh, I know they fling these two words about a great deal, but they contradict themselves repeatedly in their proposals. And I, for one, think it’s time we call them out on it.

Defining Moments

Sherlock Bondage

Only a few paragraphs into “The Adventure of the Speckled Band,” Sherlock Holmes awakens Watson with an alarming comment:

“Very sorry to knock you up, Watson,” said he, “but it’s the common lot this morning. Mrs. Hudson has been knocked up, she retorted upon me, and I on you.” 

“What is it, then – a fire?”