OK House Committees on Education (2/20/17) - Updates

The House Common Education Committee met on Monday, February 20th. Here’s what they talked about.

House Common Education Committee: Michael Rogers (R, Chair), Rhonda Baker (R, Vice Chair), Chad Caldwell (R), Ed Cannaday (D), Dennis Casey (R), Donnie Condit (D), Mickey Dollens (D), Tom Gann (R), Katie Henke (R), Jadine Nollan (R), Mike Osburn (R), Dustin Roberts (R), Chuck Strohm (R), Todd Thomsen (R), George Young (D)

Mo Money Mo Problems: House Bills 1400 and 1401 (Guest Post: Rep. John Montgomery, HD62)

NOTE: Rep. John Montgomery was elected to represent HD-62 (Comanche, think "West of Lawton") in 2014 and re-elected this past November. I consider him a friend to #oklaed and a decent guy all 'round. He's also unexpectedly amusing when he's mocking me privately on social media. Like, he's REALLY good at it. That's rare.

Not the mocking part - I get that a LOT. But being good at it - THAT'S a gift.