BlueCerealEducation.NET Limited Time Promo Giveaway and Sellout!

For those of you who've been letting your real lives get in the way of following Blue Cereal as faithfully as you know deep down inside you should, I've been rebuilding and reforming the world of Blue Cereal on a new site: BlueCerealEducation.NET

It's a bit more legit, less ranting, better editing, more focus on history and pedagogy - in other words, a complete change of style for yours truly.

Blue Cereal Celebration: Hit Me Baby, One More Time

There's nothing sadder than not talking about me anymore.

I mean, we can still TALK about me. Often. In glowing terms. But the week devoted specifically TO that purpose is rapidly drawing to a close. 

But it's not over yet. So hit me baby, one more time. (Situations like this are pretty much what that song is about, right? In my naive youthful innocence I can never be sure.)